November 30, 2009


Do I have that title right? Well I did it. I blogged every day for 30 days. Did I accomplish my goals I set out to do?
1 - Lose 2 pounds - Not 2 pounds but I have lost 1 pound!
2 – Run a minimum of 3 days per week - Nope
3 – Keep a daily record of what I eat (3 out of 7 days per week) - Nope
4 – Strength train 2 days per week -

I did not accomplish any of my goals - other than to blog for 30 days straight but don't worry I am going to give it another go. Getting sick twice this month really threw me off my game.

I am going to keep the same goals as before but add one more. Burn 3500 calories per week. I have a busy day today planned with a swim in the morning, followed by a lunch time run with the killer workout mixed in and followed with a night time strength training workout. This should be a great way to kick start my week! Oh yeah - also maybe a night time walk with the dogs. That is the hardest part because it is soooo dark in my neighborhood and 10 degrees is no fun either. Can't wait for those -25 degree days!@!@!

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Cathy said...

congrats on nablopomo! posting every day would be hard!! i so hear you about working out too--some weeks i'm really good and then i lose steam