April 28, 2010

Biggest Loser Gunkie

I have to admit I am a Biggest Loser Gunkie. Every Tuesday night I have to take time out to watch this show. I get annoyed when my daughters talk, or hubby or whatever. All I want to do is sit down and watch the show. I do wish it started at 8pm instead of 7pm because I am still making lunches, doing dinner dishes, picking up the house, doing laundry etc at 7pm. So I normally from 7 to 8pm I get up every commercial to get my chores done and then at 8pm I finally sit down to really enjoy the show. Yes I know that I need that new TiVo thing but that is not in the budget.

I loved last night's show because inspiring others to lose weight and get in shape is what I want to do. I did not start exercising until college, I do not know what it is like to be obese but I do know what it is like to be chubby and fat. I do know how much better I feel after a great workout. I do know how good it feels to push your body to go harder than it did last weekend.

But if I want to inspire others how do I go about it? I do have a friend who is VERY overweight - now how I can get her out and exercising too?

April 26, 2010

15 Things You Wouldn't Want to See While Running

Runner's World brings me some funny articles that I have to share with you. Check this article out.

April 23, 2010

175 Miles in 7 Weeks - Can you do it? **Edited**

**Edited** Since I have posted this I have only had one brave person willing to go for this challenge, Kristen at Green Style Mom. So if you want to do this challenge but are scared leave me a comment or email me and let's see if we can do a reduce number of miles but it still needs to be a challenge.

Tall Mom on the Run started a club at the beginning of the year that I was too scared to join. Run 1000 + miles with Tall Mom Club. You are suppose to run 1000 miles during 2010. I thought there was no way possible that I could do that but in the back of my mind I am trying but getting more and more behind every month. The cold weather this past winter has not helped either. So I am going to host my own contest to help me get back on track.

I want to run 175 miles by June 20th. Here are the details.

1. Contest Starts Monday, May 3, 2001.

2. In order to participate you need to follow this blog and also leave me a comment before May 1st that you want to do this.

3. Everyone who runs 175 miles by June 20, 2010 will be entered into a contest to win a $20 gift card to Amazon.

4. The first person to reach 175 miles will win a $20 gift card to Amazon.

5. You must email me your weekly totals each Monday.

175 miles in seven weeks sounds like a lot but let’s break it down.

* 25 miles per week

* 3.6 miles per day

* 5 – 5 mile runs per week

* 1 – 10 mile run, plus 3 – 3.75 mile runs per week

No matter how you look at it you can do it!

Leave a comment with your email address and let me know if you are interested! Blog about this and let’s get the word around so we can have as many participants as possible!!!

I wish I could giveaway more money to the winners and participants but this is my own money.

April 21, 2010

Trip to Kansas

Last Thursday we loaded up the car and headed to Kansas. We left Gunnison about 2:30 in the afternoon and arrived in Olathe, Kansas at 4:30 in the morning. Mikayla was excellent in the car and Lily was great as well. Lily gave us about 30 minutes of per terror but then she fell asleep. When we arrived in KC I was hoping the girls would go back to sleep but they quickly said no. So Joe got a couple of hours of sleep while I hung out with the girls and my mom. I eventually got a nap with Lily late in the day.

On Saturday I ran my half marathon and you can read about it here:

Saturday evening I had some friends over from highschool. We have re-connected through facebook and we have not seen each other in 12 plus years. It was great to sit and chat with these girls and catch up on what has been going on with their lives.

Lily decided to wear her bike helmet and refused to take it off.

Here are the girls and me. Bottom Row - Kelli, Me, Laura (the short ones) and back row, Stephanie, Kelly and Jenny (the tall ones)!

Mikayla had a blast playing with all of the kids.

On Sunday we went to the mall to get pictures of all of the cousins. This was my sister's idea and her kids were not into it. The 2 year old was not feeling good and the baby needed to eat. But we did get some family pictures.

On Sunday afternoon we headed to a local petting zoo that I use to go to as a kid. It has expanded big time! We had a blast playing on the playing ground and playing with all of the animals.

It was a very hot day - especially for us.

Because it was so nice in Kansas the girls had a blast playing outside. I could hardly keep them inside the house! The were outside riding their bikes every chance they had.

On Monday we headed to a place called Monkey Business that had slides, tunnels, a bouncy house, toys, art and crafts and anything else you could image for the kids to play on and tire themselves out on. Since it was a Monday morning they place was not busy at all and and the kids and adults had fun playing with everything. We headed home late Monday morning and were glad to be home. We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.

April 15, 2010

Olathe Half Marathon - The Story

I am sorry for not updating everyone on my Olathe Half Marathon sooner. We are getting ready to list our house so my evenings have been full of unpackings, de-cluttering and of course normal evening chores.

I ran the half marathon last Saturday. My time was 2 hours and 22 minutes with an overall pace of 10:44. It was great and easy. This was also the biggest race I have ever been apart of. All of the races I have done until this one have been only a couple hundred of people. Sometimes I have even placed in my age group, because I was one of the few in my age group. That is going to happen less often since I turned 30 and there are plenty of women 30-40 year old runners. Back to how many people there were I first started in a group faster than I should have been so everyone quickly passed me but I fell into a comfortable pace that I knew I could handle.

One thing about Kansas is that it is humid. I wore capri running pants. I wanted to wear shorts but since Gunnison is cold I have not done a long run in shorts or my running skirt so I went with what I knew would work. At one point I was sweating a lot. I sweat a little bit in Gunnison, but I was sweating more than I ever do in Gunnison.

Around mile 4ish I had to pee and there was a aid station coming up but the line for the porta potty was 4 people deep and I did not want to wait, so I headed into some trees. It saved me some time.

At mile 7 I was getting hungry. Due to driving late at night and go, go, go the next day with family I was really tired the night before and the race started at 7am. I got up at 5am - good thing for moms because when the alarm clock went off at 5am I turned it off so it would not wake Joe up and fell back asleep. The point of my story is that I did wake up super early and I really did not want to eat my normal ceral and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had the cereal but no sandwich. At mile 9 they had run out of gatorade but I also saw a women I worked with at McDonald's back in highschool!

I was able to fuel up at the next aid station. Around mile 10 I was getting sore in my hips and I even walked a little bit and stretched some. Finally at mile 11 I told myself that I only had 2 miles left so let's do it. I picked up the pace as much as possible and crossed the finish line strong.

One thing that I do love about finishing is that Mikayla comes out from the crowd and we run across the finish line hand in hand.

Lily and my nephew, Jake, waiting for me to finish.

My sister, Sara, and her husband, Josh looking for me.

Here is my sister, Sara, and me and the girls. My sister ran her first 5K. She ran it at a pace of 10:55, and finished around 34 minutes. She did great.

Instead of me eating the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Lily did.

I had a great time, I saw parts of Olathe that I never saw as a kid. I would do this race again.

April 11, 2010

Olathe Half Marathon

I ran the half marathon in Olathe, KS and it was MUCH easier than running the Salida Half Marathon and just easy in general I finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes, 12 minutes faster than the Salida Half marathon. My average pace was 10:44! 15 seconds than my goal pace of 11 minutes per mile.

We are leaving Kansas to go home tomorrow and I will post more info and pictures later this week.

April 5, 2010

15 Miles

I did it! I ran 15 miles yesterday. I am slowly getting to my marathon goal and I will get there but it takes time. So far 15 miles is the farthest I have ever run and I ran it strong! I felt great for the first 8 miles. Each mile just sailed by and I was still ready to keep going. The last 3 miles were tough though. I had wind the whole time I was running but I kept changing my route up so that I was never going straight into the wind for more than a mile at a time or I had houses around me to help block it. But the last 3 miles I had to run straight into it to get home. Those last three miles were slow, hard and tough. Without the wind I think I would have finished stronger and much faster. It took me 2 hours and 51 minutes with an average pace 11:24.

I might do a couple of small 2 miles runs this week (super slow and easy) and on Saturday I have my half marathon back in Kansas. I am hoping for an average pace of 11 minutes per mile. So we will see. Wish me luck with the race and the drive. I am not looking forward to driving 13 hours with Lily - but hopefully since part of it will be at night she will sleep!

April 2, 2010

March Miles

I ran a total of 78.94 miles during the month of March for a grand total of 187.44 miles for 2010. I thought that was pretty good until I did the math and if I want to hit 1000 miles 12/31/2010 I am short 60 miles. I got some work to do in the next few months to catch up.

I want to do a 15 mile run this weekend because next weekend I am doing the Olathe Half Marathon. So after this weekend no more running, except maybe a mile here or there.

Then during May there is a local 25K and 50K trail run. I want to do the 25K (about 15 miles). after that I will focus on a local marathon the happens in September or October - plenty of time to get ready!

April 1, 2010

Healthy Chili Recipe

I just posted a easy and super healthy chili recipe on my food blog here.

Enjoy and happy eating!