April 30, 2007


Mikayla did something so cute today. She came over to sit on my lap after work and she said piggy. I looked around and I did not see a pig. I told her to go get the piggy. She climbed off of my lap and went over to daddy's wallet, which was sitting on the coffee table and she picked it up and opened it saying piggy. She wanted money from daddy's wallet to put in her piggy!!

April 29, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend! It was 65 or 70 all weekend and perfect sunny weather!!! On Saturday Mikayla played in her sandbox and and played with daddy outside all morning. When she took an afternoon nap I took my book outside and sat in the sun. Around 4 my friend Jen, her husband, Kevin and their son, Solas came over. Mikayla was very excited to play with Solas. We went out to dinner at a Mexican place in town and everyone loved watching Mikayla run around the restaurant, pulling her shirt up in order to show Solas her button (belly button.) Then Solas gave Mikayla a kiss on the nose! Toddlers are way to cute!
On Sunday Mikayla and I went for a walk just as the college track team was heading out for a run. Mikayla kept wanting the boys to come back. "Where are the boys?" She started saying "boys come back." After the walk we went to see another friend, Kathy, who has a horse. Mikayla loves horses. She could sit their all day and watch the horses. We can home and enjoyed some lunch outside. Right now she is sleeping - going on 4 hours - I guess she was tired and had a very busy and playful weekend. Enjoy the pictures!

Mikayla playing in her sandbox where a pretty dress. I love to dress her in dresses and I can finally put her in dresses now that it is getting warm outside.

We have an outdoor room, I guess it use to be a storage room or something. Now it is Mikayla's play room.

Mikayla got her first pet on Friday. A beta fish. She loves to feed it and watch the fishy

This is her Zebra. She will go climb and go "rocky rocky" on it but she needs help getting off!

April 26, 2007

Loving the Outdoors

I love living in Colorado and we are really pushing all of the things we love about the outdoors onto our daughter. I try to take Mikayla for an evening stroll a few times a week and I like her to get out of the stroller and walk some it herself. This evening we walked down to the river and watched Daddy fly fish, the birds fly by, the dogs play in the river and of course Mikayla loved throwing rocks into the river. What a perfect evening! Hopefully next time I will remember to bring the camera so you could see for yourself!

April 24, 2007

April Snow?!?

One of the things I love about living in the Rocky Mountains is a Spring snowfall, especially since I know it won't stick, it is pretty and it adds a lot of moisture to the ground. Here are two pictures of our backyard this morning at 7:30am.

Here are a few pictures of our backyard at 6pm!

Just for fun here is a picture of Mikayla eating her blueberries. She loves them - especially the frozen ones!!

All Natural 7-Up

Ever since I had Mikayla and especially since she has a wheat allergy I have been really reading food labels. If something says all natural, I expect to be able to read all of the ingredients and that they come from nature. So after seeing the commerical for all natural 7-up, where they have removed all of the preservatives I wanted to see exactly what was in it. The next time I went to the store I picked up a can of "All Natural 7-up" and well it said high fructose corn syrup!! Last time I checked high fructose corn syrup was not made in nature. Why can't they use regular sugar? I just came across an article saying that 7-up was suppose to drop the all natural campaign because of the high fructose corn syrup but that article was dated January 12 and I just recently saw this ad aired on TV. It just goes to show you that you cannot believe everything you see and you have to read the ingredients.

April 19, 2007

Going Green - no impact

Today all we hear about is global warming, trying to create no impact and living green. I am slowly working on my share of trying to live more green and creating less of an impact. I use paper towels a lot less than I use to instead I bought basic kitchen towels about the size of a wash rag and I use those all of the time in place of paper towels. I use them to clean the house and almost any time I would use a paper towel I grab a rag. I recycle what I can - clear, green and brown glass, number 1 and 2 plastic, aluminium and tin cans. I buy recycled toilet paper a little more. It costs a lot and we are on a tight budget but I try to buy one four pack for ever other time. I re-use my plastic bags - I should just break down and buy a whole bunch of canvas bags so that I never need a plastic bag.

Well - my whole point is that I cam across a blog called The No Impact Man. It is a blog about a man, wife and two year old who are living no impact for 1 year. I think this could be done if you live in a warm climate with a little bit of land to have a nice garden on - but no this guy lives in New York City in an apartment. Check out blog. It is really interesting and it makes you think what else you can do to help the environment.

April 17, 2007

Birthday parties!!

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote last but nothing exciting is happening right now except that it seems as if Mikayla adds at least 5 new words to her vocab a day! She is learning and retaining so much. Last night, Elly - another 2 year old at daycare - had her birthday party. We get to Elly's house and Mikayla is saying Elly house. It was so cute to see them greet each other inside. Hi Elly, Hi. They played so hard. There were some 3, 4 and 5 year old kids there as well and they all had a great time - no temper flew or anything! When it was time to go Mikayla said bye to Elly and gave her a hug - how cute is that!!!

April 4, 2007

Paper Back Swap

For awhile I have been a member of the Paperback Swap. It is a wonderful website where you post the books you wan to get rid of and you can order books from other people for FREE. Yes I said for FREE. Whenever you send out a book to someoner you pay the postage but when you order one it is free. I love it. I have sooo many books that I have either read so many times I have the entire book memorized or books that I personally do not like but other will enjoy. I really enjoy using this site for when I just finished a really good book and want to read other books by the author I go sit at the computer, pull up the website and do a search by author and I see what others have posted. Check it out today.


April 2, 2007

An evening of fun!

This evening I had to run errands after work and I picked Mikayla up from daycare to come with me. We had to go to Walmart first while we were there we headed to the toy aisle. Boy did she have fun - she played with all of the toys and we ended up taking home a huge ball! It is almost bigger than her - for $2.50 you can't go wrong. She loved kicking that ball all over the store and everyone loved watching her.

Next we headed over the grocery store. Mikayla loved running up and down the aisles while eating strawberries! I love living in a small town because I did not have to worry about Mikayla running around. I had my eye on her the whole time but sometimes I would have to turn around to make sure I was not going to run into somthing. If we lived in a bigger town she would have been stuck in the cart. I was surprised when we got in the car and saw that we spent 1.5 hours running what was suppose to be quick errands! But hey we had fun.

Who is having more fun Mikayla or Skylar? Mikayla has to fight Sky to play with her balls!