April 30, 2008

Cute Pictures of My Girls

These are just some cute pictures of the girls. Lily is 3 months and Mikayla will be turning 3 in just a few days.

Tummey time when wrong!! Instead of working her muscles she took a short nap.

It is so hard to get a natural smile from Mikayla. Normally she forces a smile and closes her eyes. This picture would be great except for the funky colors due to the camera.

One Saturday while Daddy was working and Lily was sleeping I put Mikayla to work finger painting while I cleaned the kitchen. She had a blast painting herself instead of the rocks and cardboard she was suppose to be painting.

Look at these cute smiles. How can I get upset when one minute she is a screaming fit and the next she is giving me one of these smiles.

This is the view from our living room windows. In years past you could not see the other houses - now the neighbors tore out all of the willows because they are broken from the heavy snow we had in November. Now Joe and I are thinking about getting curtains in the living room. I really miss our privacy.

April 25, 2008

Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks I want to know what the perfect present for your Mother’s Day would be.

I have been thinking about this and I would love to spend a day at the spa with a couple of girlfriends and lots of mimosas.. I would start the day off with a kick butt workout class, then head off to enjoy brunch. After that I would get enjoy a manicure and pedicure while drinking those wonderful mimosas and girl talk. After that it is off to take a aromatherapy steam shower. Then I will enjoy a facial (need to clean up that face!) Next it will be lunch time with the girls again and a dip in the hot tub. We will end the day with a yoga class followed by a 90 minute aromatherapy massage.

The day is not over yet. I will come home to a perfectly clean house, well rested Daddy, Mikayla and Lily. Finally the grandparents will be over so all I have to do is continue relaxing and nurse Lily as she want. Oh yeah one more thing, Joe tells me the house in under contract, someone wants to pay the full appriased value and take the house as is - they will be delivering a cashier's check tomorrow. Ahh the perfect Mother’s Day present!

April 21, 2008

Baby Clothes For Sale

Joe and I are done having babies so I am getting rid of some of the clothes. I know that most of you are not interested in buying these but by listing them on my blog it makes it easier for me to sell them on Diaper Swappers because I can't figure out how to load picture onto their website.

I am selling all of these infant sleepers for $6.00 each or $65 for all 12 - this includes shipping. Lily has outgrown all of these and she is almost 3 months old. She out grew most of these around 2 months.

The sleeper on the left is size 0 to 3 months, 6.5 to 12 pounds. Lily wore this until she was 2 months old. It is an off white with little bees and a picture of Pooh.
The sleeper on the right is light pink with white flowers on it, the brand is Vitamins. It is 0-3 months.

This is a light pink sleeper with brown polka dots. It is made by Little Me. The size is newborn up to 8 pounds.

This is Premie and it has been washed but never worn. It has light pink and white stripes and it says adorable under the bear. It is made by Child of Mine, Carters.

I love sleepers with a zipper for midnight changings. The sleeper on the left is white with tiny ducks, bees and turtles on it. It is made by Gerber, 0-3 months.
The sleeper on the right is fuzzy material and yellow with ducks. The size is 0-3 months and made by Gerber. I was upset when Lily outgrew this one - I loved it.

The sleeper on the left is yellow with pictures of sheep, Noah's Arc and lions on it. It is made by Gerber and is 0-3 months. The one on the right is the same except it is light green with two larger pictures of Noah's Arc.

The sleeper on the left is light pink with pink ladybugs on it. It is made by Carters, size is 0-3 months.

The sleeper on the right is light pink with a pink cow and yellow duck. It is made by Carters and the size is 0-3 months, 8 to 11 pounds.
This is a purple sleeper with flowers on it made by Child of Mine, Carters. It is newborn size

The sleeper on the right is made for a short baby. Lily only wore this for about the first month and she was 19 inches long when she was born. It is made by Circo, size is newborn.

April 20, 2008

Pictures and Camping

I know that I have not blogged in a VERY long time. Our Internet at home was not working and it took two different phone calls to Qwest, a new modem and finally a call to our friend who is the telephone repair man to fix the problem.

I don't know if I blogged about this or not but Mikayla has stromblis. Basically when she gets tired her eyes turn out and don't work. There are also times when I know she is looking at me but I feel as if she is not looking at me by the look I get in her eyes. About a month ago we took her to the eye doctor in Grand Junction. We found out that when you cover one eye and then un-cover it, it has turned out to the side. This is like lazy eye but when her eye turns out to the side it her brain shuts that side off. The doctor recommend we put a patch on her eye 4 hours every day and see what happens. This works about 50% of the time.

On Thursday, Joe and Mikayla, went back to the doctor in Grand Junction and the patching is working and we can reduce the patch time to 2 hours a day. If the patching solves the problem then she will not need eye surgery when she is six.

After the eye doctor Joe and Mikayla headed to Moab, Utah to do camping together. They had a blast and I think the Daddy daughter weekend was a must and a huge success.

Here are a couple pictures Arches National Park.

Mikayla standing in the arch. Mikayla climbing - how cute is this little tom boy?!

Mikayla is in the back pack on Daddy's back.

Our friend Keith came along with his daughter Sienna. Keith has a jeep and they had fun taking the jeep in the river.

Here are a couple of cute pictures we took of Lily today. She is 2 1/2 months old and is doing great. I gotta say that Joe and I make cute kids!

Mikayla cannot wait until Lily is big enough to play with. She loves her little sister.

April 8, 2008

No Posting Lately - Nothing New

I am sorry for not blogging more often but I really don't have any exciting to say and work is actually keeping me busy enough that I don't have time to sit down and write a great blog entry.

Lily is doing wonderful - as I am writing this I am sitting in the back office pumping away. We have given her a few bottles of formula mixed with breastmilk because there are some days I am not pumping enough. But we are doing the best we can. I hate pumping and it is usually on a Monday morning she needs the formula because I did not pump enough milk over the weekend and Joe might give her a bottle while I sleep in a little bit or go to yoga. Lily is sleeping really good for only being 10 weeks old. Can you belive she is already 10 weeks? Where did the time go? Oh - back to the sleeping she only wakes once a night around 3:30, sometimes it is 5! If she is not going to sleep in until 6am I prefer that she wakes up at 3ish so I can go back to sleep until 6am.

Mikayla is getting so big and so smart. All the time she amazes me by telling me the next line in her book. She started a new daycare and we love it. She is learning her letters and the other day they made birdfeeders. She is also growing out of her clothes so fast I can't keep clothes on her (that is another story - she loves to run around the house naked. I ask her if she wants to put her clothes back on and she says "I want to be the naked baby for a little bit.") She is wearing 3T to 4T pants and her shirts will have to be a 4T very quickly so that her belly is not hanging out. It is getting nicer outside and now it is time to buy some shorts and short sleeve shirts. She only has a couple of short sleeve shirts.

Work is keeping me busy and I am also looking for a part time job - daycare is killing us but if I quit my job right now that won't work either. I am hoping and praying a waitressing job opens up so I can quit my full time job - stop paying for daycare and pay all of the bills which are piling up - I am really excited to get out tax rebate check in May because it is really needed. We also need to pray that the trailer sells and Joe is able to start selling some real estate now that Spring is here.

I will try to post some updated picturs very soon!