July 28, 2008

Armstrong Family

My sister Sara and her family came into town this weekend. The last time I saw her we were both pregnant. She and her husband brought their little one Jake into town. We had a lot of fun. Jake is about 5 weeks younger than Lily and you could not really tell a difference in their age.
There first meeting - Lily decides to poke Jake in the eye.
That is much better!
The only cousin missing is my niece Natalie. We miss her.

Jake as a bumbo chair so we tried it out. Lily loved it.

I thought I took more pictures when they were here but I guess I did not. Hopefully my sister will email me some and I will post them.

Here are some other random pictures.

Lily was watching very closing as I cut her finger nails.

This some of the crazy O;Connells - Daddy just woke up, the girls and I had been up since about 6am, Lily's mohawk is really showing up and Skylar looks like she is going to bite someone. Don't worry Skylar would not harm a fly - I think she just finished her breakfast was licking her lips!

My big 3 year old!

Lily fits into Mikayla's doll stroller!

Mikayla and I were playing. She said "let's play" so I said what do you want to play. She said "let me think."

July 2, 2008

Finally - Pictures

Lily is already 5 months old and boy where did the time go! She will roll from her tummy onto her back and from her back to her side. She is going to bed around 7 or 7:30 which gives me more time with Mikayla. And on a good night Lily will sleep from 7am to 4am - I just wish it was until 5 or 6 but 8 hours straight is pretty darn good for a 5 month old. I am looking foward to getting 8 hours of sleep instead of 6, if only I could go to bed at 7am.

Mikayla is getting smarter all of the time and she remembering everything. We are at the stage that we have to be careful what we say around her. She loves reading books, playing outside, going for walk, playing with her friends, playing in her sand box, and she still loves her baby sister.
We bought Mikayla a slip and slide. For $7.00 this was a huge bargain for the entertainement it bought us. Mikayla has no idea how to slide on it, even after Daddy put on his swim trucks and showed her. She crawls down it or Daddy pushes her down it - she will also run down it.

It was a little chilly the day we tried it out.

Lily watched from the slidelines.
She was so excited to try out her slip and slide that she refused to take a nap. This is what I found her doing around 6pm that evening.
With this picture I think I have the cutest baby in the world!!
Skylar needs some attention.

July 1, 2008

Lot of All In One Diapers

I would like to sell these diapers as a lot to someone. BUT if you are intersted in just one or two please email me. All of these diapers from a dog friendly, cat free and smoke free home.

Please email me at oconnellhouse@msn.com if you have ANY questions or to make an offer if you think my prices are too high.

I would like $22 for the entire lot which includes shipping to anyone in the US. If you are in Canada Iwould like $32.

If you want individual diapers please email me and we will talk.

These All in Ones are a SAHM diaper. The have snaps. One snap on the white diaper does not work but the other 3 do. There is no staining. The insert is removable and the insert is a dish towel/washcloth with a layer of soft flanel on top. I LOVED these diapers and was very upset when Lily did what babies do - GROW.

I call these the Little Pony Diapers since they have pictures of horses on them. I believe these are also a SAHM diaper since there is no tag on the. There is a very slight staining on one diaper (so slight it did not show up in my pictures.

The diaper on the left is a hot pink (not red) Wonder Wonders Baby Co diaper. (SOLD)

The one on the right is a SAHM diaper.