March 29, 2007

They Say Daycare makes you a bad mama!

I am upset that the Today Show (which my hubby loves) is saying that if you put your kids in daycare it makes you a bad parent because your children grow up to be more agressive. Well I am sorry but not everyone makes enough money to stay home with the kids and even it we did make enough so I could stay home (Joe thinks I need to be the one to make the money so he can stay home!) I would still want to work two or three days. I know Mikayla enjoys daycare too. On the weekends she will ask to see Michael and Tina (her sitters) or Elly, Cooper and Beau (other kids her age at daycare). What are your thoughts on daycare?

One another note last week we had beautiful weather in the 60's sunny. Perfect. Now it is snowing outside. At least it was ok during lunch so I got out for a run.

March 24, 2007

Beautiful Sunset

It has been gloomy and rainy all day. Why do those days happen on the weekend? Isn't there a rule that gloomy days can only happen during the work week? Well it was rainy and cold outside. But as I sat down to the computer I looked outside and thought I saw a beautiful blue sky. But what I was seeing was dark clouds with the trees being lit up by the sun.

Pretty cool huh! Sun tonight - maybe we will have a super nice day tomorrow.

March 23, 2007

Greased Lightning

Now I know my friend Jen aka The Green Mommy, will not like this but I have to have a super clean house. Call me anal, freak, nerd but I love the above stuff. I have kitchen tile that gets super greasy and plain dull. Regular mopping does not get rid of this. Joe bought me this awhile ago when he saw me on my hands and knees scrubbing the death out of the tiles to get them clean and they were still not getting as clean as I wanted them. Well at lunch (yes at lunch) I went home and decided to tackle the kitchen floor. I swept the floor, did a quick wet mop, then sprayed Greased Lightening all over the floor, waited about 10 minutes and mopped it up. Is was so fast and worked great. I love my kitchen tiles again!!

March 22, 2007

Cannot sell used cloth diapers on ebay

I listed some used cloth diapers on ebay. Two different lots and I could have made at least $30 between the two lots. They are cloth diapers that I just don't like. I love the bumpkins and that is all. Well after the auctions have been listed for a few days ebay sends me an email telling me that they have removed my auction because used cloth diapers are not hygienic. I have bought many used cloth diapers from ebay and they have all been washed before I received them and I washed them before I used them. They are all super clean and in great condition. There is no way I would just throw them away - they are in great condition. SO I am upset - I could use that $30. If you agree with me please sign the petition below.

March 20, 2007

Let's Catch Up! Lots of Photos

Sorry I have not written in sooo long. We have been tied up with so many other things. Well here is a re-cap since my last blog. Mikayla got the stomach flu on Tuesday night. That was a first for us. It has been going around daycare and I also here it is going around town. She ended up going to daycare on Wednesday because she was feeling fine. I did pick her up at 1pm and brought her home. We were really slow at work and since she was up for a while Tuesday night I wanted to make sure she got a good nap. When we got home on Wednesday I noticed the river was starting to flow. Spring is here and we are enjoying it.

Then on Thursday night Joe and I both got the stomach flu at the same time!!! We could barley take care of Mikayla. One of use would get sick and Mikayla would go to the other parent who was also getting sick at the same time. Poor kid - a good thing we have three bathrooms! I put her down at 8pm like normal but she wanted a snack and her juice and wanted to read books but there was no way I could read her a book. I put her in her crib with the light on. She started crying at 9pm I tried to help her but finally I had to let her cry herself to sleep. I felt so bad but there was nothing that I could do.

I did not feel like going to work on Friday. I took two naps and laid around. I did go in for two hours because I had some work to do but left as soon as I could. Joe did go to work all day. He should have stayed home as well.

Sunday we headed to the park for a little bit and Mikayla enjoyed going down the slides.

Later after Mikayla took a nap we walked down to the river and Mikayla had tons of fun throwing rocks into the river.

Here is a couple of pictures of her eating dinner.

Tonight I finally got around to taking pictures of the yard and our flowing river. Here is a picture of Joe's future garden. We are planning on growing potatoes, onions, garlic and lettuce. He is thinking about making it bigger and I said lets start off small and we can always make it bigger next year. Yes these items will grow in Gunnison. We will start them inside and then transfer them to the garden in June.

The River.

Skylar and Rocco (roommates dog) playing outside.

Mikayla loves to climb on things.

After work today Mikayla and I took the dogs for a walk. We came across a total of 18 dogs during our 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood!! and I know there are more. At one time we saw 8 different dogs between two houses! Here is our dog party in the back yard.

Teo cooling off in the river after the walk. We could never live someplace hot with him.

Skylar and Rocco playing.
Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures, a little bit of life from Gunny!!

March 15, 2007

Spring is here

Have I titled another blog Spring is here - oh well. I must say that I have the bet backyard in the world - we live on 3/4 of an acre and our house sits on the very edge so we have a huge backyard. I also have a small river or a large creek on one side and another small creek on the other side. Well both started flowing yesterday! I will post pictures this weekend - I have to buy new batteries for the camera.

On another note Mikayla had the stomach flu Tuesday night. I felt so bad for her but it only lasted a couple of hours. I stayed home with her Wednesday afternoon and she is doing better. She is not eating as much as she normally does but she can afford to skip a meal here and there!

At daycare, Tina (her sitter) made a comment that Mikayla is the healthiest kid at daycare. Tina says it is because all of the fruits and vegetables she eats as well as not getting a lot of sugar and refined flour. Since Mikayla has a gluten allergy I end up making a lot of her food from scratch and there for I can control the sugar and salt in her diet. That made me feel like a great mom!

March 12, 2007

Mikayla's First Day Skiing - she not even 2 yet!!!

My friend Jen and I thought it would be tons of fun to take the kids skiing. Jen has a son who is 18 months old and Mikayla is 22 months. Well we waited until Jen's son (Solas) woke up from his nap but by then Mikayla was ready for a nap - oh well lets go skiing. The kids had tons of fun riding the bus and getting ready to go skiing, the did not even mind us putting all of the gear on, snow pants, sweaters, helmets, gloves, ski boots. But once we went to attach the skiis to the boots - oh no! Mikayla started crying each time I tried and she cried until I took the skis off. She was much more interested in the balloons instead. Solas did a little better. He allowed the skiis to be put on and ski between his mom and dad for a very short time. Oh well I would like to try again before the end of the season in the morning when she is fresh.
Mikayla and Mommy - all ready to ski!
Solas and his mommy, Jen - all ready to ski with the skis on!
Mikayla - I really don't know about this!
YEA! - Let's go skiing

March 9, 2007


Mikayla has been using a word for a while and we just figured out what it means - tappy. I sent a note to daycare and Tina, her babysitter, finally figured it out. Tappy means jacket! Don't ask me where she got it but I point to her jacket and ask her what that is that and Mikayla says Tappy. Where do they come up with these things?!?!?

March 8, 2007

Spring is here in the Rocky Mountains

Well it is March and to me that means Spring is here. In the Rocky Mountains here is an example of what Spring means, yesterday morning it was cloudy and then by the afternoon it turned into a beautiful day. I had a very hard time staying at my desk, after work I went for a run because it was just so nice outside. Then today it is cloudy again and it is lightly snowing. Soon it will be nice outside but super windy in the afternoon and it stays windy in the afternoon until all of the snow has melted, June or so.

March 5, 2007

What a morning!

Today I woke up and I thought my getting out of bed at 7:15 I thought I would have plenty of time. I don't know what I was thinking because I need to be out of bed around 7am. So I was not rushing, I got out of the shower and saw that it was 7:30! That was my wake up call, then the curtain rod in the bedroom fell down, Mikayla wanted to get up and I had to put a diaper on her baby as well, Teo had to be fed, I wanted to make a smoothie and then at 8am (I have to be at work at 8) I spilled all of my coffee., oh and the whole time Mikayla is saying Mama look Mama what are you doing, Mama I want raspberries, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama messy! I know I made a mess Mikayla but you don't have to point it out. I finally put the TV on for her to watch and I said to myself, so you are going to be really late for work - oh well. I cleaned up the mess and finally made it to work at 8:20. And this is after my review a month ago where they told me to be on time. I have to be at work at 8am to organize my desk (even though I do this before I go home and to answer my phone and it does not ring.) Oh well I have been good about being to work on time. Well that is my morning - how was yours?

March 3, 2007


Deep Cleaning - 1 room per month
Well I finished Mikayla's room and so I can be onto my next room for deep cleaning the living room. I am going to break this one up into two weekends (I think). I have to clean other people's houses the next two weekends so this might wait until the end of March. I cannot wait to start the kitchen because it really needs it but I am going to go in order because I am afraid that once I finish the kitchen I will give up.

Mikayla was a pill today! I wanted to run on the treadmill and workout and she wanted my attention. She was not in the mood to play by herself. (I did get the workout in but with a lot of headaches.) She did work on her chair pose, she sat on the floor, and she also did squats with me. She would go and put her knee on the floor and struggle to get back up and that one was enough. We took a trip to the grocery store and usually she turns into a wonderful kid but she was still a pill. After lunch she settled down and played. She fell asleep in my arms as I was reading to her and so I got to enjoy holding a sleeping baby, that hardly ever happens.

March 1, 2007

No Sleep

I love my little girl but some nights! Last night I thought she might need more food but she was done and wanted to run around. After dinner I kept giving her cheese and crackers (to make sure she didn't wake up hungry) and she was slowly eating them. Then at 3:15 this morning she woke up hungry and even then she was not eating a lot, snacking and drinking a lot of juice. I tried to put her down at 4:30 - nope and then again at 5:30 - nope! I finally brought her into my bed and laid her on my chest (all 28pounds of her - she is starting to get too big for that trick) but she finally settled down. I went to put her into her crib and she asked for a book - I gave her one, turned off the light and left. Now I have to get up for work at 7am and when I left the house at 8am she was still sleeping - what the life, I wish I could have slept in!