March 22, 2007

Cannot sell used cloth diapers on ebay

I listed some used cloth diapers on ebay. Two different lots and I could have made at least $30 between the two lots. They are cloth diapers that I just don't like. I love the bumpkins and that is all. Well after the auctions have been listed for a few days ebay sends me an email telling me that they have removed my auction because used cloth diapers are not hygienic. I have bought many used cloth diapers from ebay and they have all been washed before I received them and I washed them before I used them. They are all super clean and in great condition. There is no way I would just throw them away - they are in great condition. SO I am upset - I could use that $30. If you agree with me please sign the petition below.


Jenny said...

That's total crap. I blogged it to, after looking into it more.

Kansas Simplicity said...

Maybe craigs list in your area as an immediate alternative?

Anonymous said...

Hi - my daughters diapers were removed from ebay a few months ago, so I setup I have recently also setup - I hope this helps.