November 18, 2011

The World's Best Energy Bar Recipe Ever

Please take a minute to check out my food blog and find the best energy bar recipe ever.  I have to be careful when I make these because I will eat the whole thing at once and not save any for the family.  This weekend I will have to make a triple batch to keep everyone happy.

November 17, 2011

Hunger Games

If you have not read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I HIGHLY recommend this book.  I finished this book in about 3 days because I could not put it down.  Of course after I finished the first book I had to get the second and third one in the trilogy to wrap up the story.  I know if I say anything about this book I will give many parts of it away but I can only describe this book as horrific, captivating and amazing. 

I also just found out that the made a movie out of it that comes on in late March and I just watched the trailor and all I have to stay is "Oh my goodness!!!"  I cannot wait for the movie.  This is a MUST MUST MUST read book.
Have you read the Hunger Games?