October 29, 2008

Wednesday Blog Tour

Our blog tour this week takes us over to Bits of Pieces. Bits recently had a baby (this seems to be the theme lately) and she is a work at home mom as a writer. I am having fun watching how she is working through everything as a new mom. She also has another blog Refrigerator Raid (which was originally how I found her). Refrigerator Raid is her diet and excerise blog and it is especially important now because she is trying to lose that baby weight - she only has 5 more pounds to go so go and cheer her on!

2008 Election

I have finally voted like an adult! In years past I went into every election knowing who I would elect for president but that was it. This year I got a mail in ballot and I actually sat down and researched every amendment on the ballot, and in Colorado this year it was front and back of two full legal size pages.

I am an educated voter!

October 25, 2008

Janet Evanovich

One of my favorite things to do is to read. I always enjoy a good book. Now that I have kids it is much harder to read but I manage to get a few pages in before bed each night. One author that I have really been enjoying lately is Janet Evanovich. She always make me laugh out loud in each and every book.

One series she writes is the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the Dough, etc...) Stephanie Plum is a typical Jersey girl who loses her job and forces her cousin to hire her as a bounty hunter. She is always getting into trouble either blowing up her car or burning down a funeral home. Stephanie Plum is always a hoot.

Every book that I have read by Janet Evanovich has always been worth and has always made me laugh. Here are some other books by her:

Wife for Hire
Full House
Back to the Bedroom

I gotta say I love her books!

October 24, 2008

Diet Tips

I was reviewing my old blog entries my from exercise blog and came across tips to lose weight. I reviewed all of those tips to help me get in the mind frame to lose weight and I have narrowed it down even more. Here are some tips that I am going to start following more than ever.

1 - Drink water. I am normally great at getting in 8 plus glasses of water a day and even more when I was pregnant and breastfeeding but I have noticed that lately I am only getting in 4 to 5 glasses of water a day. I am going to work on increasing this.

2 - Train with weights. I have been slacking in the weight training department lately. I am having trouble trying to find the time to fit in it. I know I need to do this and I am going to start trying just to get one day in a week will work for now and then later increase it to two or three days a week.

3 - Do some light cardio after dinner. I have been talking the dogs for a quick walk after dinner. Since we moved our backyard is much smaller than it use to be and it has a fence so the dogs can’t roam the neighborhood anymore. Skyler has been showing signs that she needs more exercise - chasing her tail and digging holes.

4 - Eat more fruit

5 - Eat vegetables

6 - Run hills and climb stairs. During your normal cardio workout through a hill or some stairs into the workout. This mixes it up and helps you burn more calories.

7 - Increase your intensity. Instead of running the same snails pace every day do a day of sprints.

8 - Keep active in between workout sessions. Instead of sitting down in front of the TV between workouts stay active. I don’t sit down at home until the girls are in bed and I am relaxing. I am busy making lunch, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, chasing after a preschooler and infant, playing tag, etc...

9 - Find someone to train with in the mornings. This helps you to stay motivated.

10 - Find someone who is better than you at fitness to train with. This helped when I ran the 5K the other week. I ran with a friend that was just a bit faster than me and it helped me to pick up the pace. I have been picking it up every since.

11 - Join a sport team or a fitness class. Helps keep you motivated.

12 - Experiment with martial arts and tai chi and yoga. New classes are always fun to try.

13 - Park your car further away from your destination or get off the bus early - or take your bike instead of the car.

14 - Use a small bowl or plate to create the illusion of eating a lot. I have tried this and it works.

15 - Go to the shops on a full stomach.

16 - Keep a record of the foods you eat during the day

17 - Write down your weight loss goals and award yourself once you reach them. Lose 10 pounds and go to the spa!

18 - Read and research into everything you put into your mouth - calories and unhealthy substances can be squeezed into many places

19 - Take days off - its ok to relax occasionally (Very important, if I am really struggling through my runs I take a few days off and once I get back into I do much better and the run is actually easier.)

20 - Train outdoors - sun and air are good for you (I hate running on the treadmill. I struggle to run three miles on the treadmill because I get so bored but it I take that run outside I love it. I especially love trail running.

21 - Watch shows like The Biggest Loser for inspiration - My favorite show. I have to watch this show once a week. I only wish it was an hour instead of 2.

22 - Do cardio with up beat music. (To me running is much easier if I have heart pounding music playing through the ipod.

23 - Buy a nice pair of shorts or t-shirt that you want to (realistically) be able to fit in by summer (I did this and actually the pants I bought were too big by the time summer hit!)

24 - Don’t be self conscious at the gym - no one cares (I get excited when I see heavy people at the gym because they are starting to do something about their weight problem.)

25 - When you are struggling to take another step on your jog pick an item in the distance and aim for it (I tend to use this at the end of a long run.)28 - Exercise for 10 minutes. If you really don't feel like exercising do 10 minutes, if you are still hating it at 10 minutes then stop and this is your off day, but normally after 10 minutes you will want to finish your workout.

26 - Use maths in weight loss - ie one bowl of iced cream tonight means I have to run an extra 20 minutes tomorrow.

27 - Learn that you cannot ’spot reduce’ - fat comes off from the whole body not just one section

28 - Skipping meals won’t burn fat - keep your metabolism burning by eating more often

29 - Be creative with cardio - running and biking isn’t the only way (Swimming, tennis, playing with the kids, playing tag, hiking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, etc...)

October 22, 2008

Wednesday Blog Tour

I have missed the last two weeks on my Wednesday Blog Tour so I introducing 2 blogs this week.

Lily was born in January and it seems as if some of my mommy blogger friends decided to get pregnant at the same time.

Views From the Passenge Seat has two little girls just like me. LP, her oldest is 2 1/2 or so (correct me if I am wrong) and AK is the new one. AK is 4 months. You will love her humor and the way she says everything straight up. She is a working mom and I love here about how she balances work and being a mommy. She makes it seem as if everything goes smoothly even though you know it doesn't.

The next mommy blogger is Mommy From the Midwest. This mommy has one little girl BG who is almost 3 - or is she 3? and one little boy or LM is 6 months. LM is already crawling! She loves to post lots of pictures which is wonderful. You have to check this set out!

October 21, 2008


I have not been training as much as I wanted to for my triathlon but I have done some great workouts. I am thinking either this weekend or next weekend I will go ahead and do my tri. I really think I am ready and I feel great. After doing all of the individual activities (except for an hour long bike ride) I think it will take me less than 2 hours - that is my goal right now.

I have to admit that I have really enjoyed the swimming, biking and running and after this I think I really want to train for an Olympic Triathlon.

Here is just a cute picture of Lily smiling. She is a big smiler. She will smile at almost everyone but don't try to hold her!

October 20, 2008

Pictures Finally!

I have finally figured out how to get the pictures from the Wal-Mart disk onto my computer - I was looking in the wrong place and over thinking it! Here are the pictures from our trip to Kansas. Yes it was the beginning of September but I thought you would enjoy them. I promise to take some more updated pictures of Lily this weekend so you can see why my almost 9 month old looks like. She is getting more hair and it is getting blonder!

Where is Lily?

Peek a boo!

This is my sister Sara and her son Jake. Jake is about 6 weeks younger than Lily.

I don't know who tired who out - Grandpa or Jake??

Mikayla enjoyed making chocolate cake with Grandma. It is a good thing I was paying attention. Grandma was letting Mikayla do what ever she wanted. If I had not interruped we would not have had any cake!

Diet and Exercise

I am finally getting my butt in gear and I am going to lose these last 10 pounds. I would love to lose more than 10 but for now I am going to focus on the last 10.

One thing I am learning is the dieting is hard for everyone, no matter if you are trying to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, it is hard. Dieting is hard because it involves changing habits. Those habits can be, putting less cream in your morning coffee, not eating off of your child’s plate, not taking a piece of candy every time you pass the candy dish at work (I hate that thing!).

Losing weight is about keeping track of EXACTLY how many calories you take in and how many you burn in a day. The average 150 pound women needs to limit her calories to 1500 per day when she is dieting and she should be burning at least 250 calories per day.There are many programs out there to help with the diet and keeping track. Sparkpeople is a free website that gives you meal plans to follow and exercise routines to follow.

I am concentrating on keeping my calorie intake to 1000 calories from morning until I get home, dinner is (rough estimate 500 calories) not having wine except on the weekends and no dessert after dinner. For the exercise part I am trying to burn 250 calories per day but I am slacking in that category as well. For the most part I have been average 250 calories burned for 5 out of the 7 days a week.

Last week I really took the time to track what I was eating and to not over eat, I am down 1 pound! Hopefully it stays off.

October 14, 2008

Birthday Weekend

My birthday is on Wednesday this week - the big 30! Not too excited about turning 30 since that means I really am an adult.

This weekend was a 3 day weekend and Mikayla had an eye doctor appointment in Grand Junction so Joe decided that we should go down and spend the night and go shopping his he needed clothes but he said it was for my birthday.

We headed down on Sunday and we went to an apple orchard and bought apples. We got them for $1.00 per pound! Then we headed over to another farm for a corn maze and to pick pumpkins. We had a blast.

After picking pumpkins we went and did Mikayla's favorite thing of the whole trip, checked into the hotel and she went swimming. Finally on Sunday we got the shopping done and Mikayla went to the eye doctor. We spent the last 5 weeks with no eye patch and now we are cleared for another 4 months with no eye patch. Hopefully her eyes are fixed for good.

October 13, 2008

The Best Run of My Life

My triathlon training was slow going last week. I have been VERY busy with working my normal full time job, then doing my part time bookkeeping job and the biggest part was Lily not sleeping well at all left me a very tired mama.

Last week I believe I took Mikayla out to daycare on the bike twice instead of 4 times and I got in two runs.

During my lunch break on Friday I ran for 55 minutes and I was fast (fast for me ), I felt great and I tackled the hills. I ran up a hill behind the local college and then back down doing the BEST 5 miles in my life.

For the triathlon I was most worried about the swimming but I think I can tackle a sprint tri now. If I can find the time maybe next weekend.

October 5, 2008

Triathlon Challenge - Swimming and Running

Opps - I just realized that I had wanted to bike 6 miles this week to see how long it will take to bike 12 miles. I don't think that will happen today because I really don't have time - but we will see.

I went swimming on Friday and except for the chlorine it went really well. I swam 1/2 a mile in about 20 minutes so the 1/4 mile swim for the triathlon will take about 10 minutes. I was also not pushing it since I had no idea what to expect. I think next Friday I see how quickly I can do the 1/4 mile since I know exactly how many laps I need to swim.

I ran the 5K yesterday. It was the hospitals Run for Rehab annual race. I took first place in my age division!! Mostly because the average age of the racers is 30-39! So I don't think I will place next year. It took me 33 miles to do the 3.1 mile course and I was very pleased with that. I was running with a friend of mine that runs just enough faster than I do to push me but not so much that I could not keep up with her. At the end I was trying to pass a couple of girls and I did but then they passed me. Overall it was a great race.

October 1, 2008

Wednesday Blog Tour - Green Style Mom

This week I am featuring Green Style Mom on my Wednesday Blog Tour. Kristen is a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful kids and she is living green. I get wonderful easy ideas to live a little greene from her. For example here is way to use up all of those plastic take home food containers. Here is a face cleanser and toner that is good for your skin (I really want to try this out).

Kristen is also great at finding good green deals on the internet and she offers us discounts! Here is one and here is another!

Kristen lives in a co-housing development in Colorado. The few wonderful livings I love about the co-housing idea is instance community, weekly meals with everyone, camp outs, free yoga classes, friends right next door for the kids, community garden, etc.

Take a few minutes to check out her blog. It is well worth it!