October 22, 2008

Wednesday Blog Tour

I have missed the last two weeks on my Wednesday Blog Tour so I introducing 2 blogs this week.

Lily was born in January and it seems as if some of my mommy blogger friends decided to get pregnant at the same time.

Views From the Passenge Seat has two little girls just like me. LP, her oldest is 2 1/2 or so (correct me if I am wrong) and AK is the new one. AK is 4 months. You will love her humor and the way she says everything straight up. She is a working mom and I love here about how she balances work and being a mommy. She makes it seem as if everything goes smoothly even though you know it doesn't.

The next mommy blogger is Mommy From the Midwest. This mommy has one little girl BG who is almost 3 - or is she 3? and one little boy or LM is 6 months. LM is already crawling! She loves to post lots of pictures which is wonderful. You have to check this set out!

1 comment:

AmyBow said...

THanks Tiff. You are too kind in thinking that I actually make it look like things go smoothly. Seriously, if the road ain't bumpy, it ain't no fun to drive on:)