March 31, 2011

93 Miles in March - Did I do it?

Tall Mom challenged her readers to run 93 miles in March or 3 miles per day. I knew that I would not hit 93 but I was thinking I could do 50 or 60 miles. On her site she allows us to count running, walking, swimming or biking miles. For biking miles you convert it to running miles so it takes me about 5 minutes to bike 1 mile and 10 minutes to run 1 mile so 2 biking miles = 1 running mile.

I ran 47.65 miles in March. Man - I wish I would have looked at this before I went to lunch today. I did not feel like running but if I knew I was this close to 50 I would have made it happen.

My total miles (counting walking and biking) for March are 70.60 miles. I though this would have been closer to the 93 miles.

I am going to challenge myself to run 60 miles in April and have a total number of miles of 80. I enjoyed this challenge because it was not as overwhelming as it could have been.

March 18, 2011


I am slowly getting back into running but I am just not loving it the way I use to. I really think my problem is that I am already tired of running the same old streets that I have been running for years. Also, I am not training or focusing on anything. I am anxiously waiting for the trails around Gunny to melt so that I can start trail running again.

The Sage Burner is a 25K or 15.5 mile race at Hartman Rocks that I am thinking about training for. I thought about doing this last year but running at Hartman's is tough because it is a lot more uphill than you think it is. I think if I start focusing on that it might give me the boost I need.

My only concern with running the Sage Burner (other than the hills) is that it is a cupless race and I will need a good running camel back. In the past I have used the same camel back for running that I use for mountain biking and I hate it. It is heavy, big and rubs on my arms.

March 4, 2011

93 Miles in March?!?!?!

Tall Mom hit me with a March challange to run 93 Miles this month or 3 miles a day. Of course I signed up. I can count my walking and biking miles and since the weather is getting nicer (bearing any snow storms of course) I should be able to do this. Running 93 miles this month will be difficult but maybe 50? My back is better, my foot is better - maybe this is the challenge I need to get back on track. But it is also March 2nd and so far I am behind by 1.5 miles.

March 3, 2011

Silly Lily

In our house Lily is often called "Silly Lily." She will even call herself that. The other night I put her PJ's on for bedtime and she said that she wanted to be a princess when she woke up but she couldn't because I took off her princess stickers. So I said "How about you wear your princess nightgown to bed so in the morning she will be a princess?" She agreed to this so she went to bed in her PJ's and her princess nightgown on top.

When she woke up in the morning she said she did not have her princess wings on but she wanted to wear her bumblebee costume. That was also my day off and I thought she looked so cute I never even bothered to dress here. We went to Mikayla's school, the library, grocery store and Dad's work dressed like this:

I know - too many pictures - but she is too cute!

March 2, 2011

Talented Mikayla

Mikayla decided she wanted to audition for the talent show this year. Remember she is only in kindergarten. Joe and I were not sure what her talent was but after talking about it we decided she should memorize two very short poems.

Mikayla made the talent show and went to practice every day. She worked very hard on her poems. We video taped her preformance and here it is on youtube. You have to watch the youtube video because it is so cute. I am so proud of her and I can only image what will happen next year!

She is always making silly faces for the camera.