January 31, 2011

Nourished Kitchen

I am helping my friend out with her blog/website. Jen has grown nourishedkitchen.com from nothing into a huge website with over 8,000 daily RSS subscribers, 11,000 newsletter subscription and over 13,000 facebook fans.

In addition to her blog she does monthly meal plan subscriptions, online classes and she has spoken as the Wise Traditions conference, and been featured in the Washington Post, CNN.com, Denver Post, WebMD, and much more.

Jen is the one who got me blogging over 5 years ago! Take a minute to check out her site and let me know what you think.

January 28, 2011

Lily turns 3

My baby is now 3 years old! Where did the time go? I know all moms out there say that but really where did it go? Lily started out being my difficult child that just wanted to make my life and my husband's life awful but now she has turned into this wonderful, funny, little girl who loves to play with her babies, do puzzles, read books and cuddle. I love cuddle time!

If I was a good mom I would have had the camera out last night but I didn't - bad mom, bad mom! She was pretty cute too last night. I came home from work and she was wearing one of her dresses, then a pair of pink sweat pants that were way too big and finally her tinkerbell custom. Well you will just have to image it.

Lily - Hours old

Lily - on her way home from the hospital - less than 12 hours old.

Lily - 6 months old

Lily - 1 year old

Lily - 1ish years old

Lily turning 2

Lily age 3 (or one month before)

January 19, 2011

Run 1000 With Tall Mom

I said that I was not going to sign up for Tall Mom's 1000 Mile Club but I did. I think I mostly did it this time because I can count walking, biking and swimming miles. For the biking I just adjust it to equal running miles. I average 5 minutes per mile while biking (give or take) and I average 10 minutes per mile while running. So bascially for every mile I bike it equals 1/2 mile towards my 1000 miles.

I am not sure while I did this because my mileage right now is super small (less than 5 miles last week) and I am still not running and walking is minimal. My foot is SLOWLY getting better. I can now do my walking errands for work without pain but I cannot do them everyday. But at least I can walk a mile every few days, take an ibprophen and be almost pain free.

Now that it is a little warmer outside I am trying to leave for work a few minutes early and bike a little extra longer. But then it it snowing today and that did not happen (maybe if I did take more time to get to work today I would not have fallen on the ice!)
Will I hit 1000 miles this year? I will probablly hit 1000 miles if I include all of the walking, biking and running I will be doing this year. I am also going to keep track of just my running miles and I hope by 12/31/11 I will hit at least 600 miles which would be 50ish miles more than 2010.

January 1, 2011

Re-Cap of New Year's Resolutions for 2010

We just finished the year 2010 and I am happy it is over. 2010 was not my favorite year so I am hoping 2011 will be much better.

My New Year's Resolutions for 2010 were:

1 - Lose 5 pounds

2 - Participate in 1 marathon

3 - Participate in 1 triathlon

4 - Be more financially secure by the end of 2010

So did these resolutions happen or not?

The first one to lose 5 pounds did not happen and since I have not run in the past two months, nor done much of anything because of my foot I have gained 2 pounds. I know many people would say that 2 pounds is nothing but I have noticed right away how big my belly is - with just 2 pounds!

The second goal to run a marathon did not happen. I did do 2 half marathons and my longest run to date is 17 miles.

The third goal of the triathlon did not even come close to happening. I think I forgot all about this one.

The fourth goal to become financially secure is one of the reasons 2010 was just awful. We did sell our house and that is a huge relief. But at the same time I lost a great job. Since my new job is not quite full time and the dentist I work for takes a lot of time off during the holidays that I do not get paid for, I have almost cut my yearly salary in half. I was hoping to sell our house and keep my old job and then if that was the case we would be financially secure at this point and we would be paying down our credit card debt. But since 2010 sucked that did not happen. So I am more than ready to say good bye to 2010 and welcome in 2011.