February 28, 2007

Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls

If you missed it on Monday night you will have to watch this on Saturday night. Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. I was crying it was so moving. I wish I could sign up to go and work for Oprah and her girls. She called all of these truly deserving girls her daughters and it was wonderful. You can also learn more about it at www.oprah.com.

February 24, 2007

New Year's Resolution

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to deep clean one room every month. Well it is almost the end of February and I am finally getting started. The master bedroom, bathroom and closet were suppose to be done by the end of January but at least I am finally doing it. I started this on Friday and finished it today. In the bathroom I scrub the mold off of the ceiling, cleaned all dust (tops of the shower, light bulbs, top of the medicine cabinet), I also got all of the cowebs (we get a lot since we live in a log cabin), scrub the floor and behind the toilet and cleaned under the sink. The closet took the longest. I went through all of the clothes and I ended up giving one bag to Six Points (local good will organization) and two bags to the Fair Deal. The Fair Deal is a consignment store and if they sell my stuff I get a certain percentage. Lately I have been taking my profits and buying Mikayla second hand clothes from the same store. I also took out one bag of trash from the closet along (true trash, old tee-shirts that were not good enough to give away, old paint clothes, etc...) I re-folded everything, sweep the floor, mopped the floor and got rid of all of the cobwebs. The picture below is just getting started.
Here is a picture of my little helper, Mikayla. She was great during the whole process.

Done - it looks much better. I am always fighting with Joe because he has too many clothes and he thinks he wears all of them but he does not. I finally moved all of his coats at least 7 onto my side so he would have more room. Isn't the girl suppose to have more clothes than the guy??? Not in this case!!

After I cleaned the closet I moved into the bedroom. This was not as bad. I took down the drapers and washed them, cleaned out all drawers, wiped down the baseboards and cleaned under the bed. The last time our bedroom was this clean was when we moved in and we re-painted everything. I even cleaned the ceiling fan.
I think tomorrow I want to start on Mikayla's room. I might just try to get the closet done.

February 21, 2007

Can I change me name?

When Mikayla was just starting to say mama I loved it! It was the best word in the world and now there are days when I want to change my name. Somedays I feel as all I hear from her is mama, mama, mama, mama!

She was very cute last night. My mom gave her an old cabbage patch baby that was mine at one time. She loves that baby. She played on the couch with baby for about 45 minutes last night, putting a diaper on, taking it off, saying hi baby, shh baby is sleeping, etc...

February 20, 2007

A Day off

Yesterday was President's day and one of the few things that I love about my job is I get all of the government holidays off. So Mikayla and I had a great day, we slept in, listened to Todder's Favorites and watch a slide show on the computer, talked to my sister. Later we ran into town to do some errands, had lunch and just a great day. When Mikayla woke up from her nap we watched the last half hour of Finding Nemo. After it was over I turned the TV off and she keep turning the TV on to look for Nemo. What a cute kid!! I wish I could stay home with her every day. I mentioned that to Joe and he said that tommorrow is his day with her!

February 18, 2007

Walking Around

Mikayla and daddy.
Mikayla and Teo by the river.

Teo on the ice by the Gunnison River.

Mikayla taking a ride in her new stoller - she loves going fast, which means I have to run fast!
Yesterday Mikayla and I went for a run and then we met Daddy at the river. Mikayla has lots of fun picking up rocks and and watching the dogs.
I am so glad that it is starting to get warmer and stay light longer. We will start going for walks after work. I get so tired of winter since it lasts so long. Our winter lasts from October to late March even April.

February 14, 2007

Cold and Cloudy

I am sick and tired of the cold and cloudy weather. I live in Gunnison Colorado were we have been know for long stretches of -30+ degree weather. Normally in late November, December and January we can have weeks were we are excited to see 0 degrees. This winter has been pretty warm, we have only had one week were it was cold and normally would get up to 0 fairly early in the day. But also with the super cold weather comes beautiful sunny days. This winter has been very cloudy and just gloomy, but warmer than normal. I am tired to the clouds and I want to see the sun. I am so ready for sun, warm temperatures and beautiful weather. I am been trying to get into a normal exercise routine over my lunch hour but I take a look outside and all I want to do is go home for lunch and crawl under the covers. Will Spring ever get here??

February 7, 2007


For your enjoyment here are some pictures of Mikayla and me. Enjoy!!


I cannot believe I am posting this but Jen tagged me so here is the picture of my fridge. As I was taking the picture my husband was telling me to clean the fridge first but I told him that is not the point.

Food for Toddler

I need ideas for food for Mikayla. I need quick, easy, healthy and still tastes good when you heat it up. I feel as if I make the same food all the time and one day Mikayla likes it and the next she hates it. Do you have any good ideas?

Diabetes - Celiac Disease

My daughter, Mikayla is 21 months old. She defiantly has a wheat allergy, it might also be Celiac disease but I don't want her to go through the awful test of a biopsy of her intestines. All I know is that when she is not eating wheat or gluten she is a happier baby and she poops normal (what a great way to start a brand new blog!). Her babysitter made a comment about all of the juice, milk and water she drinks. She will down two sippys cups of milk very quickly and of course that means she pees a lot more. Well the babysitter said to my husband that she hopes she isn't developing diabetes. So just for a little research I went on http://diabetes.org and it said that if you child has Type I diabetes then they should be tested for Celiac disease. Does anyone have any information on this? What symptoms should I be on the look out for (other than the excessive drinking and peeing).