February 14, 2007

Cold and Cloudy

I am sick and tired of the cold and cloudy weather. I live in Gunnison Colorado were we have been know for long stretches of -30+ degree weather. Normally in late November, December and January we can have weeks were we are excited to see 0 degrees. This winter has been pretty warm, we have only had one week were it was cold and normally would get up to 0 fairly early in the day. But also with the super cold weather comes beautiful sunny days. This winter has been very cloudy and just gloomy, but warmer than normal. I am tired to the clouds and I want to see the sun. I am so ready for sun, warm temperatures and beautiful weather. I am been trying to get into a normal exercise routine over my lunch hour but I take a look outside and all I want to do is go home for lunch and crawl under the covers. Will Spring ever get here??

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