February 7, 2007

Diabetes - Celiac Disease

My daughter, Mikayla is 21 months old. She defiantly has a wheat allergy, it might also be Celiac disease but I don't want her to go through the awful test of a biopsy of her intestines. All I know is that when she is not eating wheat or gluten she is a happier baby and she poops normal (what a great way to start a brand new blog!). Her babysitter made a comment about all of the juice, milk and water she drinks. She will down two sippys cups of milk very quickly and of course that means she pees a lot more. Well the babysitter said to my husband that she hopes she isn't developing diabetes. So just for a little research I went on http://diabetes.org and it said that if you child has Type I diabetes then they should be tested for Celiac disease. Does anyone have any information on this? What symptoms should I be on the look out for (other than the excessive drinking and peeing).

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

Some kids just drink a lot. My son (5) would probably wear a holster with cup attachment if I let him! He went through this whole drinking and peeing stage summer '06 which lasted into the fall. He was having the urge to go, but not actually going. And he would do this 20+ times a day (I documented). Of course we took him to the doctor with diabetes on the mind. Thankfully, that wasn't it. The problem ended up being psychological. Sigh. Anyway . . . I would venture to say that your daughter, at 21 months, is not developing diabetes. Although if you are concerned, by all means take her to the doctor. A simple urine or blood test would give you a quick answer. Has her appetite changed dramatically? Is she lethargic? I've also heard that a child with diabetes has a distinct fruity odor to her breath.

I say, keep watch over her. If her mood changes or you have a general feeling that something is not "right," seek medical advice.

Perhaps she just likes the sippy cup a little too much? Like I said, my son would have a cup handy ALL DAY long.