February 28, 2009

Body Balance

I have blogged here and here about Body Balance and how much I love it and how much healthier and more energy I have because I am taking it. So I won't bore you with details but I love the stuff and I think everyone should try it. Send me an email if you want to try it to!

February 27, 2009


I love watermelon. It is so yummy, refreshing and filling. One cup of watermelon is only 50 calories but it feels like a lot more. This is the one food I could eat everyday. The funny thing is is that Joe hates it so I end up not buying it as much as I use to.

What is your favorite fruit?

Gym Teacher

Yesterday I got to sub gym today. I had to much fun.

I was the only teacher and the only sub that would actually warm up with the students and run laps with them around the gym. In one class I told them they had to run the outside of a line and if they cut the corners then they had to do another lap. They did not like that but then I told them that I would be running with them they quickly perked up.

After that I did the butt kicks, high knee kicks and stretches with them. I did not do the activity because some of the games I did not know what to do and in the weight room I was having too much trouble focusing on my work out and supervising the class so I gave up on my workout.

I did do about 10 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill while they were weight lifting. Then I used my planning period to do a total body weight workout.

February 26, 2009

Mary Kay

I know everyone out there is saying what??? I never talk about makeup or skin care products but ever since I hit 30 I have really been noticing my skin. I have a few fine lines around my eyes, I am getting skin discoloring and my skin just seems more red than it has in the past.
I use to use and loved Arbonne's RE9 line but I stopped using it because it is really expensive.

About a month ago I went to a Mary Kay party and tried their line called Timewise.

I loved it and I bought the big set which includes a daily cleanser, day solution (with SPF 25) and night solution, eye cream, moisturizer, and microdermabrasion set. In about a week I had noticed that my skin was not as red anymore and my skin color seems more even. I love it and I truly think it was money will spent. It was about $200 for the set and it seems as if most of the products will last at least 4 months or longer.

If you are looking for anti aging skin care products I would highly recommend these. Give your Mary Kay lady a call.

What are your favorite skin care products?

February 25, 2009

Runner's World Magazine

My absolute favorite magazine is Runner's World. My mom got me a year subscription to this magazine for Christmas and I LOVE it. This is the first magazine that I will read cover to cover. Normally I skip some articles in a magazine but this one I read every last one, including letters to the editor. It is also a good way to get me motivated to run again. My only thing is that I wish it came out twice a month instead of only once!

Their website also has great information as well. For example on their website right now they have an article called Fast Abs. This article is about strengthening your core without doing the normal crunches. A strong core and back is important but this article focuses on exercises that strengthen your core to help you run faster and longer. Most of these exercises I have added to my core routine.

What is the one magazine that you love to read every month?

February 24, 2009

Garmin 305 Forerunner

I am going to be blogging daily for the next week about my list of favorite things. I would love to be like Oprah and give all of my readers all of my favorite things but I am not Oprah. This list of favorite things is in no particular order.My first favorite thing is my Garmin 305 Forerunner. I never leave home for a run or a walk without it. I love how as soon as I turn it on it will tell me how far I have run, what my current pace is, what my overall pace is and my current heart rate is. The current is what I use the most to make sure I am running at the pace I want to be. With one quick look I can tell if I need to speed up, slow down or stay at the same pace.

Other features it has but I have not used mostly because I have not taken the time to really figure it out is that is will tell me my current calories burned. I don't use this because I have not programmed my weight into it. You can also use it for other sports such as biking. If you use it in a gym or on a treadmill you do need to purchase the foot pod because you are not using the GPS to calculate mileage.

The only downfall about the Garmin 305 is the size. The screen of the watch is huge but it does make it easy to read.

This is the one item that I cannot run without. What is the one item you must have to workout with?

Mikayla's Gets Glasses

For the last year we have been taking Mikayla to a special pediatric eye doctor in Grand Junction. Mikayla has Strabismus - it is like lazy eye in an adult. If you catch it soon enough as a kid you can try to fix it with patching (instead of surgery - which we are really hoping to avoid). Which we have been patching her right eye, which is the better of the two eyes, for the last year or so.

We recently went 6 months with no patching because the prior patching was working. Around the New Year we noticed that we would be looking at her and her right eye was giving us really blank stares. On President's Day we went for our six month check up at the eye doctor and now we are back to patching (except this time we are patching her left eye instead of her right eye), and the doctor also said that she has a astigmatism in her right eye. I know all about astigmatisms because I have one is both eyes. Joe also has horrible eye sight but no astigmatisms.

I took Mikayla to get a pair of glasses on Tuesday of last week and as soon as she gets them I will take a picture for you.

February 23, 2009

Week of Favorite Things

I am starting a week of daily blog posts about my favorite things. Items I can't live without.

Stayed Tuned for the First Thing.

Running and Losing Motivation

Last week I did some great runs. I did a total of 3 runs and I was able to keep my pace at under 10 minutes.

Ever since I have been running (over 10 years now) I have been wanting to accomplish a 10 minute pace. This week I did one 4 mile run and two 5 mile runs and even with a hill thrown in I was still able to keep it at 10 minutes or under!!

The losing motivation part is the fact that I did not do a long run this week. I was set to do one on Sunday but my back was bothering me a little bit due to carrying Lily in her sling on Saturday while Mikayla went skiing and I watched. I was also worried because the last time I did a 10 mile run my back hurt so bad later that week I could barley walk.

Instead of going for a long run the whole family, including the dogs, headed out to a recreational area called Hartman Rocks. We went hiking in the hard packed snow. Joe pulled Mikayla on the sled while I carried Lily in the back pack. We had a blast. I might try to run out here as long as it does not snow again it should work. Opps - it is dumping today and we have already received at least 6 inches that I will need to shovel - there goes that idea.

I am also losing motivation because I am sick and tired of the cold, snow and running on the streets. I want summer to get here so I can go trail running again. Unfortunately this won't happen until at least mid to late April.

What do you recommend that I do to stay motivated?

February 15, 2009

Django's - Crested Butte

Joe and I never go out alone (well very rarely) and he made a comment that the last time we went out to dinner was about 2 years ago. For Valentine's Day (well the day before) we got a babysitter and went up to Crested Butte to go out to dinner.

We went out to a new restaurant called Django's (the D is silent). They do an appetizer menu so you can sample a lot of their dishes. Most people order 3 to 5 dishes per person. The food was wonderful and affordable (for Crested Butte). We spent just over $100 (without tip) for 6 dishes total, 2 Quartinos of Wine, desert and one after dinner drink.

My favorite dish was "Date with Pig" - dates wrapped in prosciutto. They tasted like candy. My second favorite was the Butternut Squash and Mascrapone Ravioli - heaven! Everything we had was wonderful and the service was great as well. We knew the bartender and he has been serving Joe and I drink for the last 11 years - everything he recommended was excellent - even the Brussels Spouts, which I have never had before.

Something else they do is offer wine in the Quartino, which is about 1 1/2 glasses. Joe and I were able to try 2 different types of wine. We could have tried another type but I wanted an after dinner drink. The waitress recommended both wines based on what we where having and they were excellent. I even asked to take a wine menu home so I know what I should buy next time I am at the liquor store.

This restaurant is locally owned and this is their first year in business. I know how hard it is for new restaurants but this restaurant has what it needs to make it, GREAT food, GREAT service, and GREAT atmosphere.

Next time you are in Crested Butte - please check it out. One little FYI - it is not the place for kids.

February 13, 2009

Obama's Stimulas Plan

Dear President Obama,

I know that you are trying to do everything you can to help get us out of this recession but the stimulus packed you have created will not really help me andnor will it help your normal middle class family. This package will not create a job for me in small town America, which is what I need right now since I was laid off about 3 weeks ago. Nor will this package give me any extra money to spend.

The type of stimulus package that will get Americans spending again is to deliver a check for at least $2500.00 to every tax payer. With that type of money I would be able to pay some bills down, save a little, and be willing to take my family down to Ouray, Colorado, spend the night in a hotel enjoying their hot springs and dinner and breakfast out on the town. If there was still some left over I would even by some plane tickets and go and visit my family in Kansas.

Very truly yours,
Tiffany - An average middle class American.

February 12, 2009

Runner's Injuries

Well I am not 20 anymore and I am more susceptible to injuries. Nothing major so far but a few small ones.

I was reading my Runner's World Magazine a few weeks ago and they did an article on injuries but since I did not any of those I was not worried. Then I picked up The Marathon Method by Tom Holland. This is a book I ordered months ago and read it but last night I decided to re-read it again. I came across his injury section and I have two of them.

Last week I was complaining about my back pain here. Tom mentioned back pain and it seems as if I need to focus on my core and stretching. I am really bad about stretching and I do need to do more core exercises.

The next injury I though was just because I was running a lot and it was something I was jsut going to have to deal with. When I am running a lot of miles in a week I have noticed when I get out of bed in the morning my feet hurt to walk on - sore - so I limp around the house for a couple of minutes and then it goes away. Well Tom said it is Plantar Fasciitis. This is a band of connective tissue that runs from my heel to the base of my toes. His explanation was exactly what I have been experiencing. He says I need to ice my feet first thing in the morning (this is hard to do because my normal alarm clock is Lily telling me to get her up), check my shoes (it is probably time for a new pair), and to stretch my calves.

I have been taking it pretty easy the last 2 weeks but if I am going to do my marathon in mid May I really need to get back to it. I have decided to take it easy until Monday with plenty of stretching and core exercises and then on Monday get back to it BUT with more stretching and weight training and core work. I am also going to start looking for a new pair of shoes but I really don't want to spend the money even though I need to.

February 9, 2009

State of California Forces Employees to Take 2 Unpaid Days Off a Month

I am a little upset at this article in which Governer Schwarzenegger's ordered most California state employees to take two days off a month. My biggest beef is shouldn't these people who are forced to take time off be glad that they still have a job?

If my office had told me I could 1 - take two days off a month unpaid or 2 - lose my job all together I would have quickly taken my first choice of the unpaid days off - even if it meant a lose of about $250 per month. I could not put the kids in daycare and then I would only be losing $170 per month. I could tighten the budget for that.

February 8, 2009

Marathon Training Week 15

I am glad that I have gaven myself plenty of time to train for my marathon in May but I am slowly wondering if I will even make it.

My back has been bothering me all week and I am now starting to wonder if it is related to my running. Yesterday we went to Crested Butte. Joe took a few runs on his snowboard while I played with the girls then we switched parenting duties and I ran from Mt. Crested Butte (where the ski area is) to the Town of Crested Butte. With some extra loops I was able to make it a full 4 miles - with most of it down hill. I also pushed myself so that in the end I averaged 10 minute miles!! Unfortunately, today my back was bothering this morning but I was proactive and put a heating pad on it for about an hour and it has been much better.

Also since January 12th I have been focusing on eating right, not drinking as much wine in the evening, and getting up early to get in strength training workouts in addition to my runs. Since then I have lost about 5 pounds but I really think the first 3 were water weight since I would go from 141 to 144 on a weekly basis. But now I am staying between 139 and 140. I love seeing the 130's on the scale instead of the 140's.

I did register for the Run Through Time in Salida. It is a half marathon on March 14th - wish me luck!

February 5, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

We all know that the government has given our tax dollars to these multi-million dollar banks and what not so that they do not go under. First - I have a huge problem with that (but I understand that by us giving them the money it is saving a lot of the "little people" a job). Second - I applaud Obama for forcing these bank presidents to take a pay cap. I mean why on earth should my tax dollars to go a bank president so he can make over a million dollars a year when I am barley making $30,000 a year.

I just don't get what the issue it? Why should my tax dollars pay a bank president a million dollars when his/her company is close to closing down? That bank president should be the last one to be paid. That is the way small business works you pay everyone else before you the owner gets paid.

February 4, 2009


I don't know what happened (well I think I do) but my back was hurting so bad this morning I was almost in tears.

I did a weight workout on Monday that focused on my lower back and it has been bugging me since. I was careful with the exercises but I guess I messed something up. Then yesterday afternoon (with a bad back - but not too bad) I subbed in preschool so that meant up and down from the floor all afternoon. This morning I could barley walk Mikayla 2 blocks to preschool (it was either that or stay home with Lily for 10 minutes when I could not pick her up or anything). Finally Mikayla was at school and Lily sleeping and I could sit on the hot pad for an hour. It helped but it is still bothering me.

I did do a slow run yesterday - my back was not bothering me but in general the run felt as if something was off.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do a slow run or at least weight train since today I did nothing.

February 2, 2009

10 Miles!!!

Yesterday I did 10 miles and it felt really good. Sometimes on my long runs I feel as if I am just going through the motions, waiting until I hit my turn around point and then I will be done. My biggest reason for this feeling is that I am tired of running the roads and the cold (it was below zero when I set out and not much warmer when I finished) and I am ready for warm days, wearing less clothes while I am running and I am REALLY ready to hit the trails.

I did explore a new area with some hills and I managed to make a loop instead of an out and back and I was really enjoying it - I even saw some bald eagles on my run! Around mile 6 I was getting tired but mostly because I was thinking, "I still have 4 more miles - can I do it without back tracking?"

My time was 1 hour, 48 minutes and 48 seconds for a pace of 10:58 per mile.

I also looked back over my running log and noticed that my long slow run pace or marathon pace has improved about 30 seconds! I was very excited to see that. I have also noticed that during my shorter runs it is much easier to keep my pace at 10 minutes per mile or faster. Originally I was hoping to run my marathon at 11 minute pace but now I am shooting for 10 minutes or even 9 minutes!