February 4, 2009


I don't know what happened (well I think I do) but my back was hurting so bad this morning I was almost in tears.

I did a weight workout on Monday that focused on my lower back and it has been bugging me since. I was careful with the exercises but I guess I messed something up. Then yesterday afternoon (with a bad back - but not too bad) I subbed in preschool so that meant up and down from the floor all afternoon. This morning I could barley walk Mikayla 2 blocks to preschool (it was either that or stay home with Lily for 10 minutes when I could not pick her up or anything). Finally Mikayla was at school and Lily sleeping and I could sit on the hot pad for an hour. It helped but it is still bothering me.

I did do a slow run yesterday - my back was not bothering me but in general the run felt as if something was off.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do a slow run or at least weight train since today I did nothing.

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Bonnie said...

Hope you feel better soon!