February 9, 2009

State of California Forces Employees to Take 2 Unpaid Days Off a Month

I am a little upset at this article in which Governer Schwarzenegger's ordered most California state employees to take two days off a month. My biggest beef is shouldn't these people who are forced to take time off be glad that they still have a job?

If my office had told me I could 1 - take two days off a month unpaid or 2 - lose my job all together I would have quickly taken my first choice of the unpaid days off - even if it meant a lose of about $250 per month. I could not put the kids in daycare and then I would only be losing $170 per month. I could tighten the budget for that.


Bonnie said...

I agree..they should just be thankful to have a job.

Rachel said...

Totally agree.

But, in general, CA is pretty messed us especially with IOU's for tax returns.