February 8, 2009

Marathon Training Week 15

I am glad that I have gaven myself plenty of time to train for my marathon in May but I am slowly wondering if I will even make it.

My back has been bothering me all week and I am now starting to wonder if it is related to my running. Yesterday we went to Crested Butte. Joe took a few runs on his snowboard while I played with the girls then we switched parenting duties and I ran from Mt. Crested Butte (where the ski area is) to the Town of Crested Butte. With some extra loops I was able to make it a full 4 miles - with most of it down hill. I also pushed myself so that in the end I averaged 10 minute miles!! Unfortunately, today my back was bothering this morning but I was proactive and put a heating pad on it for about an hour and it has been much better.

Also since January 12th I have been focusing on eating right, not drinking as much wine in the evening, and getting up early to get in strength training workouts in addition to my runs. Since then I have lost about 5 pounds but I really think the first 3 were water weight since I would go from 141 to 144 on a weekly basis. But now I am staying between 139 and 140. I love seeing the 130's on the scale instead of the 140's.

I did register for the Run Through Time in Salida. It is a half marathon on March 14th - wish me luck!


Carrie said...

Great job on your run! Your 1/2 marathon is the weekend before ours!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Bonnie said...

Good for you! I hope your back feels better soon. Maybe an Epson salt bath??