February 23, 2009

Running and Losing Motivation

Last week I did some great runs. I did a total of 3 runs and I was able to keep my pace at under 10 minutes.

Ever since I have been running (over 10 years now) I have been wanting to accomplish a 10 minute pace. This week I did one 4 mile run and two 5 mile runs and even with a hill thrown in I was still able to keep it at 10 minutes or under!!

The losing motivation part is the fact that I did not do a long run this week. I was set to do one on Sunday but my back was bothering me a little bit due to carrying Lily in her sling on Saturday while Mikayla went skiing and I watched. I was also worried because the last time I did a 10 mile run my back hurt so bad later that week I could barley walk.

Instead of going for a long run the whole family, including the dogs, headed out to a recreational area called Hartman Rocks. We went hiking in the hard packed snow. Joe pulled Mikayla on the sled while I carried Lily in the back pack. We had a blast. I might try to run out here as long as it does not snow again it should work. Opps - it is dumping today and we have already received at least 6 inches that I will need to shovel - there goes that idea.

I am also losing motivation because I am sick and tired of the cold, snow and running on the streets. I want summer to get here so I can go trail running again. Unfortunately this won't happen until at least mid to late April.

What do you recommend that I do to stay motivated?


Bonnie said...

Hang in there! Do you have a rec ctr nearby? Maybe you could do the treadmill?

Rachel said...

Keep your eyes on the prize! The goal of why you need to run 10 miles should be hanging in front of you. Have you paid for that marathon yet?
I can't remember why you said you had back pain, but I used to throw my back out all the time. Can you add some back situps to strengthen that area? Like on a stability ball. I know RW's has videos for how to strengthen the low back for runners. Might be worth it to check out.