February 26, 2009

Mary Kay

I know everyone out there is saying what??? I never talk about makeup or skin care products but ever since I hit 30 I have really been noticing my skin. I have a few fine lines around my eyes, I am getting skin discoloring and my skin just seems more red than it has in the past.
I use to use and loved Arbonne's RE9 line but I stopped using it because it is really expensive.

About a month ago I went to a Mary Kay party and tried their line called Timewise.

I loved it and I bought the big set which includes a daily cleanser, day solution (with SPF 25) and night solution, eye cream, moisturizer, and microdermabrasion set. In about a week I had noticed that my skin was not as red anymore and my skin color seems more even. I love it and I truly think it was money will spent. It was about $200 for the set and it seems as if most of the products will last at least 4 months or longer.

If you are looking for anti aging skin care products I would highly recommend these. Give your Mary Kay lady a call.

What are your favorite skin care products?


Bonnie said...

Good to know. I used to use the Timewise stuff and I had forgotten about it. I've tried a lot of different products..like Origins, Clinique..etc. Lately I've been using AVON. I'm pretty happy with it but good reminder on the Mary Kay. I always loved their products.

Rachel said...

Still very happy with the RE9 line!!

Megan Malone said...

you can visit my site if you'd like to order without making any phone calls. www.marykay.com/mcosens the products are fabulous!!! thats why i started selling...to spread the news of how wonderful your skin will feel in such a short amount of time!