February 2, 2009

10 Miles!!!

Yesterday I did 10 miles and it felt really good. Sometimes on my long runs I feel as if I am just going through the motions, waiting until I hit my turn around point and then I will be done. My biggest reason for this feeling is that I am tired of running the roads and the cold (it was below zero when I set out and not much warmer when I finished) and I am ready for warm days, wearing less clothes while I am running and I am REALLY ready to hit the trails.

I did explore a new area with some hills and I managed to make a loop instead of an out and back and I was really enjoying it - I even saw some bald eagles on my run! Around mile 6 I was getting tired but mostly because I was thinking, "I still have 4 more miles - can I do it without back tracking?"

My time was 1 hour, 48 minutes and 48 seconds for a pace of 10:58 per mile.

I also looked back over my running log and noticed that my long slow run pace or marathon pace has improved about 30 seconds! I was very excited to see that. I have also noticed that during my shorter runs it is much easier to keep my pace at 10 minutes per mile or faster. Originally I was hoping to run my marathon at 11 minute pace but now I am shooting for 10 minutes or even 9 minutes!


Bonnie said...

Wow, that is amazing. I just started exercising again and I'm trying the walk/run routine. It really feels good to push myself. You are an inspiration!

Rachel said...

You go girl! Way to crank up the speed.