January 28, 2009


I know I have not been blogging much lately. I was called in to substitute on Monday for Kindergarten and Tuesday for 6th grade. I had so much fun each day with the kids. Both teachers left full lesson plans so I was busy all day long. Normally teachers have students, take a test, watch a movie or other work that does not require me to teach. - so I had a blast!

I still have no job and I cannot afford to substitute full time (even if I were to get called in full time), after daycare I would be taking home less than $200 per week. I am still struggling as to what to do. I think for now I am going to collect unemployment, substitute one day a week (which I can still do and still collect) and look for a better full time job. I am worried that I will go crazy at home (in Gunnison we don't have a lot of activities for kids to do in the winter) especially with Lily. Lily is a challenge but I love hanging out and spending time with Mikayla - I know that sounds bad but Lily is well Lily (screaming, fussing, not napping, demanding all my attention, Lily).

I had a great week of running last week but this week I am really lagging. I did finally get up early and workout this morning but not running. I was going to go for a long run today but it was cold, windy and nasty outside.


Bonnie said...

Hang in there Tiffany! It's understandable, babies are sometimes so draining! Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow for a run. I went to the rec ctr today and walked for 30 minutes..going to try to work up to a run. I haven't ran in years. Keep blogging!

Carrie said...

Great job on the running last week. You'll catch up this week!! I don't know how you do it out there with all the snow! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to find a job. Any luck with finding new renters for your old house?

Stephanie said...

Best wishes with the job hunt! I know that can be a discouraging process, but I'm sure the perfect position will eventually pop up. Keep your chin up! :)

P.S. How old are your girls again?

Rachel said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I was home with my two and it was HARDER than he**! But it was worth it.