January 8, 2009

New Jersey

I am back home from our trip to New Jersey. The trip was great.

We arrived in New Jersey on the 31st (we left on the 30th but did not arrive there until the 31st). It takes a long time to get anywhere from Gunnison. At first I thought Lily was going to be awful flying but she was not. The first 30 minutes or so of the first flight she was terrible but then she passed out and slept the rest of the flight. Mikayla and Joe played the whole time. Then for the second flight both girls were sleeping before takeoff.

Lily and I do not do so well sleeping in the same room together. At home if she wakes up she will cry for a minute or two and then fall back to sleep. In NJ she would wake up, see me and then cry until I picked her up and then she would take over an hour to go back to bed.

Joe and I got away for a night to visit friends who live in New York City and we went out to dinner and had lots of fun. After dinner we went out for one more drink to a local bar. Who knew I had to go all the way to NYC to hear country music! Also in the bar they had a boxing or punching machine and I beat some of the guys who were doing it!!

I managed to get one 4 mile run and and I was fast! I love running at sea level. It was also nice to run up one hill and then down the next and keep repeating this, unlike here where it is all uphill until I turn around and run back down.

Lily also got a bad stomach bug and then she gave it to her Grandma Linda and her Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue is due to have twins any day now. She is 37 weeks and looks wonderful. If you see her from behind you would have no idea that in front is a huge belly. I kept hoping that she would go into labor while we were there (all of the signs are there) but it did not happen. I guess I will have to wait another 6 months to see my new niece and nephew.

Since Lily got Grandma Linda sick she had to stay home while we went into NYC to the Big Apple Circus. We all loved the circus.

Since Grandma Linda did not plan much we had a great time with plenty of down time. You all know how important this is with kids. I wish I would have gotten in more runs but with Lily not sleeping well I was pretty tired.

Now it is back to work and the real world.


Cathy said...

that's so cool! it must have been a nice change to go to a city--although i'd rather live in gunnison than nyc. :) i bet running at sea level was great--you should do a marathon at sea level sometime.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip other than the flu bug, my daughter also caught a flu bug while we were visiting family at Christmas in Az. and was sick on Christmas and 3days after that, then she passed the bug to me, my stomach just felt yuck so I was not as sick as my daughter had been.
The circus sounds like a great time!
My son is 10 months, around Lily's age, I am up every 2 hrs. with him every night, and his crib is in my bedroom, maybe it is time to move him to his own bedroom....... I would LOVE to get more sleep! I am breastfeeding until his is one year old, that is the plan anyway, so that is why I have had his crib in our room. I am tired of these dark circles under my eyes, so maybe I will try him in his own room.

Carrie said...

Sounds like an awesome trip. That is nice that you guys got to go to NYC and have a little date :) Great job getting a run in on vacation too!

Rachel said...

The circus sounds fabulous and good for you for getting out for a run!