January 20, 2009

Everything Happens in 3's - Walmart.com - the enemy

As you know I lost my job last week well everything happens in 3's. This is a full recap of everything that happened last week.

First - We are currently leasing out our house to a potential buyer with a lease option and we are renting another house in town. We did this because out mortgage payment is huge and the renters are almost paying the full mortgage while we are renting a much cheaper house in town. This is really helping us out financially.

Last Friday the renter called Joe and said that they are going to be having all four of their kids living with them now and they will need a much bigger place since they will have 6 people in a house. I thought a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 living room and 2000 square feet would be big enough of a house but I guess not. We decided to end their lease at the end of May which is when our lease ends. We were really hoping that they would buy the house so that we could be done with it.

Next - We had $1000 stolen from our savings account. Our savings account is connected to my paypal account. I go online about every day or so to balance my checkbook. I noticed that are savings account was negative and there was no reason for it. I did some research and saw a paypal transaction going out for $1000 to walmart.com. I called my bank and let them know that I did not authorize that transaction. I had to do some paperwork but luckily they were able to stop it. I also called paypal and they are doing their thing. The kicker is that I called walmart.com (which it is very hard to find a number to call them and very hard to finally get a person on the line). I really got upset at walmart.com because they said that paypal would have to contact them with a police report before they could do anything. WHAT!! Walmart.com was not willing to do ANYTHING to help me, not even contact the other person, take her name and information, ANYTHING. In my mind they were knowingly allowing someone to purchase merchandise with stolen information. They will get an email from me. Oh - we did get the money back.

Third - I lost my job - I think that says it all. I guess since that is the third thing nothing else bad can go wrong right?

The thing that really sucks in this whole mess is that financially we were finally where we wanted to be at the end of each month. I am just really hoping that I find something very quickly (which is hard to do in this market) and that job is paying the same or close to what my other job was paying.


Carrie said...

Tiff - that is no good. I can't believe w.com!! That is crazy!! At least you have a few more months with the renters - hopefully you can find someone else to rent it before they are out. Good luck finding a job, I am sure you'll come across something soon!

Rachel said...

Oh. Crap. Girl.

That's a lot to deal with at one time. At least you got the money back.

I'll be praying for you.

Heidi said...

Shame on wal-mart.com! That is rediculous that they weren't willing to do anything to help!
Here's hoping your bad streak is over, surely it has to be! Don't lose hope~