January 18, 2009

Home Made Fabric Softner

I am always looking for ways to save money on normal every day expenses. I found this recipe for fabric softener on the Today Show - Saving Money with the Duggars (the family that has 18 kids -I would think they would know a thing or two about saving money!)

This is the recipe I use and so far I love it. My dryer takes 1 1/2 cycles to dry the cloths so when I re-set the dryer I through another sponge in - but even the days I haven't the clothes still come out with no static.
Recipe No. 1: 1 container of name-brand fabric softener 4 inexpensive sponges, cut in half Pour a whole container of softener into a five-gallon bucket. Fill empty softener container with water twice (two parts water to one part softener). Add sponges to softener/water mixture. When ready to use, wring out extra mixture from one sponge and add to the dryer as you would a dryer sheet.

The reason I don't use this recipe is that I can never remember to add the vinegar to the rinse cycle.
Recipe No. 2: Add one cup white vinegar to rinse cycle. Works great. Removes residue and odors. Also helps to keep washing machine and hoses fresh and clean too.

Tomorrow I will post the laundry detergent receipe.


Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar said...

This really does help our family out! God bless you for trying to save money. Remember our book 20 and counting for a laundry detergent recipe

Heidi said...

Thanks for posting this! I will try it, I am always looking for ways to save money too. I have never watched the show with the 18 kids, I bet I could learn a lot from them on ways to save. I am a nurse, but stay home with my kids now, which is great, but I really miss getting a paycheck. I have tried clipping coupons, but it seems it is usually cheaper to just buy the generic brands instead of name brands that are usually what the coupons are. I am interested to see the detergent recipe you will post too.

Tiffany said...

Michelle and Jim - thanks for reminding me about your book because I do want to get it.

Heidi - I buy almost everything generic because I have noticed that the coupons in the newspaper are for the name brand food and since I already buy generic the savings are not that great. One thing to notice is the weekly sales that happen every 12 weeks or so - when the really drop the prices. I use to do that with the detergent until I found the receipe for making my own.