January 14, 2009

Body Balance - GIVEAWAY

I mentioned in this blog entry that I started taking a vitamin called Body Balance by Lifeforce. I started in late November and at this point I really think it is helping me and my family stay much healthier this winter.

While we were in New Jersey I stopped taking it because it is a liquid and I did not want to pack it. Lily got an awful stomach but Mikayla and I did not get sick. Joe got a little sick but he was not as bad as Lily or his mom. Lily does not take the Body Balance.

Then on the way back from New Jersey I got a very minor cold (little stuffy nose and that is about all). Lily on the other hand has a horrible cold right now. So I have also started Lily on small amounts of the Body Balance. She seems to catch colds a lot easier than Mikayla did at her age.
I truly believe that if I had been taking the Body Balance in New Jersey I would not have gotten a cold at all. I also believe that if I had not been taking the Body Balance at all I would have gotten the stomach bug as well and my cold would have been much worse.
Giveaway - Because I love this stuff so much and I think that everyone should give it a try I am giving away one bottle - at $27.00 value! One bottle lasts my family about a week and a half. That is with Joe and I each taking 1.5 oz and Mikayla taking ½ oz. Everyone takes a different amount but most people take 1 to 2 oz a day. Please leave me a comment before January 25th and I will announce the winner on January 26th or 27th.


Carrie said...

Very neat! I have never heard of this stuff. I don't get sick to often, but Jimmy does and Charley's nose won't stop running. Maybe this will help! I'll have to research it tomorrow :)

workout mommy said...

this sounds like something we could use, especially lately!

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