February 24, 2011

What Have I Been Doing???

It has been a little while since I blogged so I figured I would update you on what has been going on with me.

Running - I have been trying super hard to get back to running but it is a slow process. My foot is much better - YEA! But now my back is acting up. I feel like I am complaining and my boyd is falling apart which is not me but that is what is happening. My hips have decided that they don't want to sit right and keep going out. On Monday I had a great run and workout and then I spent the evening on the couch. But my hips are back in so I am going for a run on Friday and we will see how it goes.

Mikayla - Mikayla is going to be in the talent show. She is going to recite some poems. She has her poems memorized and has been going to practice. The talent show is on Friday and I am so excited for her. She is not worried at all. She is my social butterfly and makes friends everywhere she goes.

Lily - Lily is doing great and is so funny. She was looking at a magazine the other day and said that is a shark. I corrected her and said it was a dolphin. She said "dolphins have big tongues and otters have litte ones"!

Work - work is work. I am now tutoring two 5th graders in addition to working full time. I love these kids - they are so much fun. When I teach I remember why I wanted to be a teacher - I just wish I was using my degree.

Weather - It is starting to get warm outside. I love 30 degrees so much. It is much better than -20! I am going to either walk or go for a bike ride at lunch today.

1000 miles in 2011 - I am counting my biking miles, walking and running miles. I am still behind but I know as soon as I am really running those miles will pick up.

What is going on with you guys?

February 10, 2011

Online Cooking Classes

As I mentioned a few days ago I am helping my friend Jen with her website, nourishedkitchen.com. Have you taken the time to check out her site yet? It really is amazing. I just love how she has grown her site from nothing into what it is today.

Jen is offering online cooking classes. They are pre-recorded sessions and you can watch each class as many times as you want and for as long as you want. This set of cooking classses is titled: Get Cultured! How to Ferment Anything: The Full & Complete Guide to Preparing Probiotic, Enzyme-rich Fermented Foods in Your Kitchen.

Not only will you get her cooking classes but you will also get over 50 video tutorials, 100 recipes and the 36 page e-book Get Cultured: Probiotic Recipe from the Nourished Kitchen.

Here is the link to check it out: Nourished Kitchen ecourse. Here is a link for detailed lesson plans.

February 8, 2011

Give Every Day

Stephanie, over at Metropolitan Mama, and her husband and two beautiful girls have sold all of their belongings, rented out their house, bought a 5th Wheel and a truck to pull it and for a year they are going to travel the country by Giving Every Day. Stephanie and her family left last Saturday and started their journey. Unfortunately their journey has started off very rough with their truck needing a new transmission. Take a few moments to check out their blog at Give Every Day. You will enjoy following this family for the next year.