January 14, 2009

Half Marathon

I am so excited - I found a half marathon to do that is only about 1 hour from here and it is in mid march - PERFECT!

I was on http://www.active.com/ today and I did a search for marathons for the next year in Colorado and I came across the Running Through Time in Salida. It is all dirt roads - yea! It starts in a very cute Colorado Mountain Town (with hot springs - I will defiantly hit those at the end!) and the full marathon goes up to a Ghost Town. I won't be doing the full but still this is a perfect training exercise for me.

Joe even said he might train for it. My first thought was what would we do with the girls. But then I figured we could make a date out of it and get a babysitter. We will see if he trains for it.


Cathy said...

awesome! I'm dying to go to Salida--supposed to be great!

Stephanie said...

Best wishes with that endeavor! I might train for a 1/2 marathon...someday.

For now, I'm focused on just walking and staying healthy until baby #2 arrives in March. Then, I'll start (slowly) training for a 5K after baby is born.