January 26, 2009

Body Balance Giveaway

Since only two people entered my Body Balance Giveaway - Carrie from Newlywed Girl and Lisa from Workout Mommy - I have decided to give each one a Body Balance for them each to try. Everyone else - you missed out this stuff is awesome.

Also just an update on me I did 2 long runs last week, one at 8 miles and one at 9 miles. My 8 mile run was a little bit faster than the 8 mile run I had done before so yea! The 9 mile run was not too bad either.

I am signed up to substitute (very few of you know that I actually have a teaching license but I am not using it for many reasons). I got called into substitute for kindergartner today and had a blast and then they asked me to sub for another 3 days so I will be busy this week.


Rachel said...

Glad you're out teaching and running! Kinder is prolly the best grade.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! The substitute teaching sounds like fun! The runs sounds great too!