February 24, 2009

Garmin 305 Forerunner

I am going to be blogging daily for the next week about my list of favorite things. I would love to be like Oprah and give all of my readers all of my favorite things but I am not Oprah. This list of favorite things is in no particular order.My first favorite thing is my Garmin 305 Forerunner. I never leave home for a run or a walk without it. I love how as soon as I turn it on it will tell me how far I have run, what my current pace is, what my overall pace is and my current heart rate is. The current is what I use the most to make sure I am running at the pace I want to be. With one quick look I can tell if I need to speed up, slow down or stay at the same pace.

Other features it has but I have not used mostly because I have not taken the time to really figure it out is that is will tell me my current calories burned. I don't use this because I have not programmed my weight into it. You can also use it for other sports such as biking. If you use it in a gym or on a treadmill you do need to purchase the foot pod because you are not using the GPS to calculate mileage.

The only downfall about the Garmin 305 is the size. The screen of the watch is huge but it does make it easy to read.

This is the one item that I cannot run without. What is the one item you must have to workout with?

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David and Tammy said...

Tiff, Dave has one of these he uses for his 6-10 mile ruck marches for the Army. He loves it as well! I agree that it is a little on the big side...but he doesn't seem to mind. Now he has a GPS for the car and we can't go anywhere without it. He loves it, because he is horrible with directions, but I hate it because I am good at finding my way around town and don't need it. We've learned to compromise whenever we are together in the car! Funny how technology can be so helpful and yet so annoying! Tam