February 12, 2009

Runner's Injuries

Well I am not 20 anymore and I am more susceptible to injuries. Nothing major so far but a few small ones.

I was reading my Runner's World Magazine a few weeks ago and they did an article on injuries but since I did not any of those I was not worried. Then I picked up The Marathon Method by Tom Holland. This is a book I ordered months ago and read it but last night I decided to re-read it again. I came across his injury section and I have two of them.

Last week I was complaining about my back pain here. Tom mentioned back pain and it seems as if I need to focus on my core and stretching. I am really bad about stretching and I do need to do more core exercises.

The next injury I though was just because I was running a lot and it was something I was jsut going to have to deal with. When I am running a lot of miles in a week I have noticed when I get out of bed in the morning my feet hurt to walk on - sore - so I limp around the house for a couple of minutes and then it goes away. Well Tom said it is Plantar Fasciitis. This is a band of connective tissue that runs from my heel to the base of my toes. His explanation was exactly what I have been experiencing. He says I need to ice my feet first thing in the morning (this is hard to do because my normal alarm clock is Lily telling me to get her up), check my shoes (it is probably time for a new pair), and to stretch my calves.

I have been taking it pretty easy the last 2 weeks but if I am going to do my marathon in mid May I really need to get back to it. I have decided to take it easy until Monday with plenty of stretching and core exercises and then on Monday get back to it BUT with more stretching and weight training and core work. I am also going to start looking for a new pair of shoes but I really don't want to spend the money even though I need to.

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Rachel said...

Hey girl. Injuries suck. Better to rest than try to work through pain.

Check out running warehouse.com for your shoes. I found my shoes last years model for $60 w/free shipping.