February 5, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

We all know that the government has given our tax dollars to these multi-million dollar banks and what not so that they do not go under. First - I have a huge problem with that (but I understand that by us giving them the money it is saving a lot of the "little people" a job). Second - I applaud Obama for forcing these bank presidents to take a pay cap. I mean why on earth should my tax dollars to go a bank president so he can make over a million dollars a year when I am barley making $30,000 a year.

I just don't get what the issue it? Why should my tax dollars pay a bank president a million dollars when his/her company is close to closing down? That bank president should be the last one to be paid. That is the way small business works you pay everyone else before you the owner gets paid.


Bonnie said...

Could not agree with you more.. I also think Teachers, fire fighters, policeman should be making the big bucks not these executives that apparently are not running their companies right anyway!

Mermaid said...

I completely agree also. It makes no sense at all. Plus, hearing about these banks taking their "higher execs" on team building trips to Las Vegas after they receive the bailout money is also very frustrating. they try to justify it. Our country is out of touch with it's citizens, of which the majority are middle class.

bernthis said...

I'm still wondering how it is that these men are not under arrest for fraud. I'm so angry. I read a newspaper article that said CEO's should have to submit bids for their jobs and went to say that they would work for a hell of a lot less then they do if they knew someone would do it for less. I think it's a great idea.