February 25, 2009

Runner's World Magazine

My absolute favorite magazine is Runner's World. My mom got me a year subscription to this magazine for Christmas and I LOVE it. This is the first magazine that I will read cover to cover. Normally I skip some articles in a magazine but this one I read every last one, including letters to the editor. It is also a good way to get me motivated to run again. My only thing is that I wish it came out twice a month instead of only once!

Their website also has great information as well. For example on their website right now they have an article called Fast Abs. This article is about strengthening your core without doing the normal crunches. A strong core and back is important but this article focuses on exercises that strengthen your core to help you run faster and longer. Most of these exercises I have added to my core routine.

What is the one magazine that you love to read every month?


Rachel said...

Yoga Journal

Bonnie said...

I'm going to check out the fast abs for sure. I don't have a magazine I read every month but I just discovered I can check out magazines at the library. I love freebies. People is my guilty pleasure.