February 24, 2009

Mikayla's Gets Glasses

For the last year we have been taking Mikayla to a special pediatric eye doctor in Grand Junction. Mikayla has Strabismus - it is like lazy eye in an adult. If you catch it soon enough as a kid you can try to fix it with patching (instead of surgery - which we are really hoping to avoid). Which we have been patching her right eye, which is the better of the two eyes, for the last year or so.

We recently went 6 months with no patching because the prior patching was working. Around the New Year we noticed that we would be looking at her and her right eye was giving us really blank stares. On President's Day we went for our six month check up at the eye doctor and now we are back to patching (except this time we are patching her left eye instead of her right eye), and the doctor also said that she has a astigmatism in her right eye. I know all about astigmatisms because I have one is both eyes. Joe also has horrible eye sight but no astigmatisms.

I took Mikayla to get a pair of glasses on Tuesday of last week and as soon as she gets them I will take a picture for you.

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