February 24, 2007

New Year's Resolution

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to deep clean one room every month. Well it is almost the end of February and I am finally getting started. The master bedroom, bathroom and closet were suppose to be done by the end of January but at least I am finally doing it. I started this on Friday and finished it today. In the bathroom I scrub the mold off of the ceiling, cleaned all dust (tops of the shower, light bulbs, top of the medicine cabinet), I also got all of the cowebs (we get a lot since we live in a log cabin), scrub the floor and behind the toilet and cleaned under the sink. The closet took the longest. I went through all of the clothes and I ended up giving one bag to Six Points (local good will organization) and two bags to the Fair Deal. The Fair Deal is a consignment store and if they sell my stuff I get a certain percentage. Lately I have been taking my profits and buying Mikayla second hand clothes from the same store. I also took out one bag of trash from the closet along (true trash, old tee-shirts that were not good enough to give away, old paint clothes, etc...) I re-folded everything, sweep the floor, mopped the floor and got rid of all of the cobwebs. The picture below is just getting started.
Here is a picture of my little helper, Mikayla. She was great during the whole process.

Done - it looks much better. I am always fighting with Joe because he has too many clothes and he thinks he wears all of them but he does not. I finally moved all of his coats at least 7 onto my side so he would have more room. Isn't the girl suppose to have more clothes than the guy??? Not in this case!!

After I cleaned the closet I moved into the bedroom. This was not as bad. I took down the drapers and washed them, cleaned out all drawers, wiped down the baseboards and cleaned under the bed. The last time our bedroom was this clean was when we moved in and we re-painted everything. I even cleaned the ceiling fan.
I think tomorrow I want to start on Mikayla's room. I might just try to get the closet done.

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