January 19, 2011

Run 1000 With Tall Mom

I said that I was not going to sign up for Tall Mom's 1000 Mile Club but I did. I think I mostly did it this time because I can count walking, biking and swimming miles. For the biking I just adjust it to equal running miles. I average 5 minutes per mile while biking (give or take) and I average 10 minutes per mile while running. So bascially for every mile I bike it equals 1/2 mile towards my 1000 miles.

I am not sure while I did this because my mileage right now is super small (less than 5 miles last week) and I am still not running and walking is minimal. My foot is SLOWLY getting better. I can now do my walking errands for work without pain but I cannot do them everyday. But at least I can walk a mile every few days, take an ibprophen and be almost pain free.

Now that it is a little warmer outside I am trying to leave for work a few minutes early and bike a little extra longer. But then it it snowing today and that did not happen (maybe if I did take more time to get to work today I would not have fallen on the ice!)
Will I hit 1000 miles this year? I will probablly hit 1000 miles if I include all of the walking, biking and running I will be doing this year. I am also going to keep track of just my running miles and I hope by 12/31/11 I will hit at least 600 miles which would be 50ish miles more than 2010.


funderson said...

Sounds good! JP and I will be hitting Hartman's soon(?) to be ready for Sage Burner. Hopefully you'll be all pain free by then!

Melissa said...

Good luck! I hope the pain is gone soon!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Good luck. I just found your blog and have been reading your posts. Really like them!

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found your blog! Have a great year of racing!