October 14, 2008

Birthday Weekend

My birthday is on Wednesday this week - the big 30! Not too excited about turning 30 since that means I really am an adult.

This weekend was a 3 day weekend and Mikayla had an eye doctor appointment in Grand Junction so Joe decided that we should go down and spend the night and go shopping his he needed clothes but he said it was for my birthday.

We headed down on Sunday and we went to an apple orchard and bought apples. We got them for $1.00 per pound! Then we headed over to another farm for a corn maze and to pick pumpkins. We had a blast.

After picking pumpkins we went and did Mikayla's favorite thing of the whole trip, checked into the hotel and she went swimming. Finally on Sunday we got the shopping done and Mikayla went to the eye doctor. We spent the last 5 weeks with no eye patch and now we are cleared for another 4 months with no eye patch. Hopefully her eyes are fixed for good.


AmyBow said...

Happy Birthday! 30 is nothing - except you can actually say that you have known someone for 20 years and have it be believable:)

Midwest Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!
What a great weekend!
Great deal on the apples too.