March 20, 2007

Let's Catch Up! Lots of Photos

Sorry I have not written in sooo long. We have been tied up with so many other things. Well here is a re-cap since my last blog. Mikayla got the stomach flu on Tuesday night. That was a first for us. It has been going around daycare and I also here it is going around town. She ended up going to daycare on Wednesday because she was feeling fine. I did pick her up at 1pm and brought her home. We were really slow at work and since she was up for a while Tuesday night I wanted to make sure she got a good nap. When we got home on Wednesday I noticed the river was starting to flow. Spring is here and we are enjoying it.

Then on Thursday night Joe and I both got the stomach flu at the same time!!! We could barley take care of Mikayla. One of use would get sick and Mikayla would go to the other parent who was also getting sick at the same time. Poor kid - a good thing we have three bathrooms! I put her down at 8pm like normal but she wanted a snack and her juice and wanted to read books but there was no way I could read her a book. I put her in her crib with the light on. She started crying at 9pm I tried to help her but finally I had to let her cry herself to sleep. I felt so bad but there was nothing that I could do.

I did not feel like going to work on Friday. I took two naps and laid around. I did go in for two hours because I had some work to do but left as soon as I could. Joe did go to work all day. He should have stayed home as well.

Sunday we headed to the park for a little bit and Mikayla enjoyed going down the slides.

Later after Mikayla took a nap we walked down to the river and Mikayla had tons of fun throwing rocks into the river.

Here is a couple of pictures of her eating dinner.

Tonight I finally got around to taking pictures of the yard and our flowing river. Here is a picture of Joe's future garden. We are planning on growing potatoes, onions, garlic and lettuce. He is thinking about making it bigger and I said lets start off small and we can always make it bigger next year. Yes these items will grow in Gunnison. We will start them inside and then transfer them to the garden in June.

The River.

Skylar and Rocco (roommates dog) playing outside.

Mikayla loves to climb on things.

After work today Mikayla and I took the dogs for a walk. We came across a total of 18 dogs during our 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood!! and I know there are more. At one time we saw 8 different dogs between two houses! Here is our dog party in the back yard.

Teo cooling off in the river after the walk. We could never live someplace hot with him.

Skylar and Rocco playing.
Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures, a little bit of life from Gunny!!


Kellie said...

I just wanted to send you a quick "Thank you" for all the kindness and support you've given me by your responses to my blog! It means so much and I greatly appreciate it!

And your daughter is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! On of the hardest things about parenthood is having to take care of a little child when you are sick and feeling miserable. Mikayla looks like my sister Karen. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I've never grown garlic. You might try spinach, it's a cool weather crop you could plant outside or do you hate spinach? Mom

MARY JANE said...

Thank you for the update on your lives in Gunny. Mikayla is a beautiful little girl, you can tell just by looking at her what a great job you and Joe are doing as parents. Love you all...MJ