March 3, 2007


Deep Cleaning - 1 room per month
Well I finished Mikayla's room and so I can be onto my next room for deep cleaning the living room. I am going to break this one up into two weekends (I think). I have to clean other people's houses the next two weekends so this might wait until the end of March. I cannot wait to start the kitchen because it really needs it but I am going to go in order because I am afraid that once I finish the kitchen I will give up.

Mikayla was a pill today! I wanted to run on the treadmill and workout and she wanted my attention. She was not in the mood to play by herself. (I did get the workout in but with a lot of headaches.) She did work on her chair pose, she sat on the floor, and she also did squats with me. She would go and put her knee on the floor and struggle to get back up and that one was enough. We took a trip to the grocery store and usually she turns into a wonderful kid but she was still a pill. After lunch she settled down and played. She fell asleep in my arms as I was reading to her and so I got to enjoy holding a sleeping baby, that hardly ever happens.

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