March 1, 2007

No Sleep

I love my little girl but some nights! Last night I thought she might need more food but she was done and wanted to run around. After dinner I kept giving her cheese and crackers (to make sure she didn't wake up hungry) and she was slowly eating them. Then at 3:15 this morning she woke up hungry and even then she was not eating a lot, snacking and drinking a lot of juice. I tried to put her down at 4:30 - nope and then again at 5:30 - nope! I finally brought her into my bed and laid her on my chest (all 28pounds of her - she is starting to get too big for that trick) but she finally settled down. I went to put her into her crib and she asked for a book - I gave her one, turned off the light and left. Now I have to get up for work at 7am and when I left the house at 8am she was still sleeping - what the life, I wish I could have slept in!

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