March 23, 2007

Greased Lightning

Now I know my friend Jen aka The Green Mommy, will not like this but I have to have a super clean house. Call me anal, freak, nerd but I love the above stuff. I have kitchen tile that gets super greasy and plain dull. Regular mopping does not get rid of this. Joe bought me this awhile ago when he saw me on my hands and knees scrubbing the death out of the tiles to get them clean and they were still not getting as clean as I wanted them. Well at lunch (yes at lunch) I went home and decided to tackle the kitchen floor. I swept the floor, did a quick wet mop, then sprayed Greased Lightening all over the floor, waited about 10 minutes and mopped it up. Is was so fast and worked great. I love my kitchen tiles again!!

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Kansas Simplicity said...

I too like a clean house and keep it clutter free. I like the idea of Greased Lighting and will try that to keep the grease out of the kitchen or some other like cleaner. I have a de-greaser for my bike and may try that first. Thanks for the tip..Simplicity in Kansas