March 5, 2007

What a morning!

Today I woke up and I thought my getting out of bed at 7:15 I thought I would have plenty of time. I don't know what I was thinking because I need to be out of bed around 7am. So I was not rushing, I got out of the shower and saw that it was 7:30! That was my wake up call, then the curtain rod in the bedroom fell down, Mikayla wanted to get up and I had to put a diaper on her baby as well, Teo had to be fed, I wanted to make a smoothie and then at 8am (I have to be at work at 8) I spilled all of my coffee., oh and the whole time Mikayla is saying Mama look Mama what are you doing, Mama I want raspberries, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama messy! I know I made a mess Mikayla but you don't have to point it out. I finally put the TV on for her to watch and I said to myself, so you are going to be really late for work - oh well. I cleaned up the mess and finally made it to work at 8:20. And this is after my review a month ago where they told me to be on time. I have to be at work at 8am to organize my desk (even though I do this before I go home and to answer my phone and it does not ring.) Oh well I have been good about being to work on time. Well that is my morning - how was yours?


Jenny said...

LOL. It sounds a lot like mine, actually. My mornings were always going that direction when I finally told the big guy that there was no way to expect me at my desk before 8:30, and that was that.

Mmmm ... wine this weekend.

Anonymous said...

LoL!!!Yes, I remember those days. Cherish them (if you can in the midst of chaos), for all of a sudden they are gone and you find yourself thinking, "Did I really take the time to enjoy my kids as much as I should have?" Your're doing a great job. Mom