March 29, 2007

They Say Daycare makes you a bad mama!

I am upset that the Today Show (which my hubby loves) is saying that if you put your kids in daycare it makes you a bad parent because your children grow up to be more agressive. Well I am sorry but not everyone makes enough money to stay home with the kids and even it we did make enough so I could stay home (Joe thinks I need to be the one to make the money so he can stay home!) I would still want to work two or three days. I know Mikayla enjoys daycare too. On the weekends she will ask to see Michael and Tina (her sitters) or Elly, Cooper and Beau (other kids her age at daycare). What are your thoughts on daycare?

One another note last week we had beautiful weather in the 60's sunny. Perfect. Now it is snowing outside. At least it was ok during lunch so I got out for a run.

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Jenny said...

I haven't watched the Today Show episode highlighting daycare and aggression, so I really can't comment directly to that.

I also think there's a difference regarding quality of care among daycares and daycare providers. For example, you know that Mikay gets a lot of one-on-one time at her DC, but she might not get that elsewhere at a more institutional DC.

Of course most studies I've read on daycare and aggression in toddlers indicates that toddlers who go to daycare are, in general, more aggressive than their peers who stay at home with a parent.

There are, of course, many factors at play. So, does DC make you a crappy mom? Hell no. Are children in daycare more aggressive than those not in daycare, clinical studies say "yes."