April 2, 2007

An evening of fun!

This evening I had to run errands after work and I picked Mikayla up from daycare to come with me. We had to go to Walmart first while we were there we headed to the toy aisle. Boy did she have fun - she played with all of the toys and we ended up taking home a huge ball! It is almost bigger than her - for $2.50 you can't go wrong. She loved kicking that ball all over the store and everyone loved watching her.

Next we headed over the grocery store. Mikayla loved running up and down the aisles while eating strawberries! I love living in a small town because I did not have to worry about Mikayla running around. I had my eye on her the whole time but sometimes I would have to turn around to make sure I was not going to run into somthing. If we lived in a bigger town she would have been stuck in the cart. I was surprised when we got in the car and saw that we spent 1.5 hours running what was suppose to be quick errands! But hey we had fun.

Who is having more fun Mikayla or Skylar? Mikayla has to fight Sky to play with her balls!

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