April 4, 2007

Paper Back Swap

For awhile I have been a member of the Paperback Swap. It is a wonderful website where you post the books you wan to get rid of and you can order books from other people for FREE. Yes I said for FREE. Whenever you send out a book to someoner you pay the postage but when you order one it is free. I love it. I have sooo many books that I have either read so many times I have the entire book memorized or books that I personally do not like but other will enjoy. I really enjoy using this site for when I just finished a really good book and want to read other books by the author I go sit at the computer, pull up the website and do a search by author and I see what others have posted. Check it out today.



Jenny said...

PBS is great! I just got Jennifer Government from them, and can't wait to get started.

Jenny said...

PS: I tagged you here.