April 29, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend! It was 65 or 70 all weekend and perfect sunny weather!!! On Saturday Mikayla played in her sandbox and and played with daddy outside all morning. When she took an afternoon nap I took my book outside and sat in the sun. Around 4 my friend Jen, her husband, Kevin and their son, Solas came over. Mikayla was very excited to play with Solas. We went out to dinner at a Mexican place in town and everyone loved watching Mikayla run around the restaurant, pulling her shirt up in order to show Solas her button (belly button.) Then Solas gave Mikayla a kiss on the nose! Toddlers are way to cute!
On Sunday Mikayla and I went for a walk just as the college track team was heading out for a run. Mikayla kept wanting the boys to come back. "Where are the boys?" She started saying "boys come back." After the walk we went to see another friend, Kathy, who has a horse. Mikayla loves horses. She could sit their all day and watch the horses. We can home and enjoyed some lunch outside. Right now she is sleeping - going on 4 hours - I guess she was tired and had a very busy and playful weekend. Enjoy the pictures!

Mikayla playing in her sandbox where a pretty dress. I love to dress her in dresses and I can finally put her in dresses now that it is getting warm outside.

We have an outdoor room, I guess it use to be a storage room or something. Now it is Mikayla's play room.

Mikayla got her first pet on Friday. A beta fish. She loves to feed it and watch the fishy

This is her Zebra. She will go climb and go "rocky rocky" on it but she needs help getting off!


Jenny said...

LOL @ "Where are the boys?" She's so unbelievably cute. We're looking forward to next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just wait, there will be more boys than you want in a few years! Linda Z

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Hey there! I've enjoyed reading your posts :-) My Bridget will be two July 5th ~ I can't believe how much hair your daughter has! Or maybe that's more typical of a two-year-old, unlike Bridget who has little wispies of hair. She's CUTE, btw!!