July 1, 2008

Lot of All In One Diapers

I would like to sell these diapers as a lot to someone. BUT if you are intersted in just one or two please email me. All of these diapers from a dog friendly, cat free and smoke free home.

Please email me at oconnellhouse@msn.com if you have ANY questions or to make an offer if you think my prices are too high.

I would like $22 for the entire lot which includes shipping to anyone in the US. If you are in Canada Iwould like $32.

If you want individual diapers please email me and we will talk.

These All in Ones are a SAHM diaper. The have snaps. One snap on the white diaper does not work but the other 3 do. There is no staining. The insert is removable and the insert is a dish towel/washcloth with a layer of soft flanel on top. I LOVED these diapers and was very upset when Lily did what babies do - GROW.

I call these the Little Pony Diapers since they have pictures of horses on them. I believe these are also a SAHM diaper since there is no tag on the. There is a very slight staining on one diaper (so slight it did not show up in my pictures.

The diaper on the left is a hot pink (not red) Wonder Wonders Baby Co diaper. (SOLD)

The one on the right is a SAHM diaper.

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