July 28, 2008

Armstrong Family

My sister Sara and her family came into town this weekend. The last time I saw her we were both pregnant. She and her husband brought their little one Jake into town. We had a lot of fun. Jake is about 5 weeks younger than Lily and you could not really tell a difference in their age.
There first meeting - Lily decides to poke Jake in the eye.
That is much better!
The only cousin missing is my niece Natalie. We miss her.

Jake as a bumbo chair so we tried it out. Lily loved it.

I thought I took more pictures when they were here but I guess I did not. Hopefully my sister will email me some and I will post them.

Here are some other random pictures.

Lily was watching very closing as I cut her finger nails.

This some of the crazy O;Connells - Daddy just woke up, the girls and I had been up since about 6am, Lily's mohawk is really showing up and Skylar looks like she is going to bite someone. Don't worry Skylar would not harm a fly - I think she just finished her breakfast was licking her lips!

My big 3 year old!

Lily fits into Mikayla's doll stroller!

Mikayla and I were playing. She said "let's play" so I said what do you want to play. She said "let me think."


GreenStyleMom said...

How did Lily get so big?!? Where has the time gone?? Good to see a post from you and fun to look at all the photos

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh they are just too cute!
I love the baby in the doll stroller! How funny!

Kansas Grandma said...

What adorable kids. I love Jake and Lily together. Glad you had a great time together. Mikayla is getting so big!

Carrie said...

How freaking cute is Mikayla in that last picture!! Lily is so adorable!! She is getting big...though I think Charley is about her size...but Jake's age!! When was Jake born? My favorite times are when Jimmy, Charley and I all lay in our bed together and laugh and play. :)

Theresa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by :) Lily and Mikayla are beautiful!

I'm beginning to realize that the more I relax about the whole parenting thing, the easier it becomes :)