November 10, 2009

Getting Your Kids Involved

It is important to get your kids use to exercising at a young age and they will most likely stay with it longer. With kids you do have to make exercise fun. The past few weeks I have been taking the girls on "Nature Walks". I called it a hike and Mikayla (who normally loves hiking and running) said no so I called it a Nature Walk and she really wanted to go. At preschool one day they went for a Nature Walk. Last weekend we went to Hartman Rocks and hiked around for about an hour. We were moving too slow for me to get a workout in but Mikayla was all over the place and had a blast. It was the perfect workout for her.

This weekend we went to Mill Creek. I did not plan on the snow. We were walking through 4 inches at least and mud and what a mess. The girls again had a great time even though it was only about 30 minutes.

What do you do with your kids to get them moving?


Anonymous said...

Next time you take them on a nature hike, give Mikayla a list of 10 things to find. Love, Mom

GreenStyleMom said...

My kids like to ride their bikes while I run, but they can't go further than about 3 miles.

Heidi said...

Now that the weather here in NV. is finally cooling off to the mid 70's for a high, it is nice enough to walk with my daughter to school and back home when school is out. Unless it is windy, then we drive. We also go for short hikes up at Mt. Charleston when we can which is not as often as I would like, it is 45 min. away. We also play frisbee, and she loves hitting foam softballs with her baseball bat in the backyard. Also she loves dancing!